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Wall of Sorrow is a physical floor 6 challenge introduced in series 1, it is similar to Body Shock

The Caretaker's Explanation To The Game:

To succeed at this challenge, the unfortunates have to rebuild the wall of sorrow. To pass, the wall must be complete at the end of 90 seconds. They'll have to keep their wits about, because at some point all the lights will go out and the saboteur will strike and then them unfortunates will find out why we call it the wall of sorrow. Quick! Get building! Remember, the wall must be finished by the end of the challenge, or they will fail.

Layout Edit

The layout is somewhat very simple, the room has green walls with a large purple 6 at the back. In the centre is a wall that separates the room in half with some bricks on one side and some bricks on the other side. There's also a statue on both sides of the wall and a plant growing on both sides as well.

Gameplay Edit

The unfortunates must work together to ensure that the wall is fully completed at the end of the 90 seconds. They must ensure the bricks are stacked equally and mostly neatly. During the challenge, the lights will be completely shut off resulting in a "blackout", these usually occur at the most unprecedented of occasions and there is no warning prior to the unfortunates. When this happens, someone (i.e the saboteur) will proceed to ruin the wall by pushing the wall down, resulting in the unfortunates being forced back to square one and have to rebuild the wall. The voice tells the saboteur however when the lights are coming on and generally directs them on how they can destroy the wall in creative ways (usually framing another unfortunate by having most of the pieces near them). A general tip given is too make sure the saboteur is not the only unfortunate on the other side of the wall, because it may give the game away.


  • Wall of Sorrow is the most played Floor 6 challenge that debuted in the first series and is also the second most played Floor 6 challenge in the show (Behind Body Shock)
  • In series 1, the voice reminds the saboteur that she will be the one who will turn off all the lights in the room. From series 2 onwards, this piece of information is omitted and the voice instead just mentions how the room will turn pitch black instead.
  • Additionally, the wall in series 1 would wail loudly in sorrow when the lights were turned back on (Hence the name), but this detail was taken out by the next series.
Wall of Sorrow Series 1