Akira (boy) He used to be a cookie

Irina (girl) Who once driven in a box

Frank (boy) He is not here right now. BEEP!

Polly (girl) Invented the weather

Zi-Kai (boy) Destroyed wikipedia in 3028

Paula (girl) She has her clothes on the wrong way round

Floor 6 = Black Widow

Challenge character: Nobody

No. Of black widow eggs sucked up: 3

All white spider eggs sucked up at end: no

Challenge failed


Akira: Polly, because she had paula's pipe

Irina: Polly, because she had the wrong pipe and it looked like she was picking the bad ones

Frank: Zi-Kai, because he smiled

Polly: Zi-Kai, because he looked very suspicious

Zi-Kai: Polly, because she picked the spiders

Paula: Zi-Kai, because he was smiling.

Polly: 3 votes, Zi-Kai: 3 votes

The vote is a tie. Polly and Zi-Kai have the most votes.

Polly has drawn the short straw. The real saboteur was Akira.

The saboteur succeded and didn't get a single vote.

Polly's final words: i'm gutted, but am i gonna stay in here forever?

Floor 5 = Wordsearch

Challenge character: Nobody

Bad words: words with an "S" in

Theme: School

1st Go: the team picked "Lesson" (a bad word with two 'S's in the center)

2nd Go: the team picked "Ulca" (a good word with no 'S' on it)

3rd Go: the team picked "Books" (a bad word with an 'S' on the end)

4th Go: the team picked "Science" (a bad word with an 'S' on the start)

Right Guesses: 1/3, Wrong Guesses: 3/3

Challenge Failed


Akira: Frank, because he kept saying the bad words and i know the bad words had an 's' in the words

Irina: Frank, because i know that he kept picking words with 's' in them

Frank: Irina, because she made a couple of mistakes that went wrong

Zi-Kai: Frank, because he accused me of picking words with 's' in them!

Paula: Frank, because he was very suspicious and he made us pick word with 'S' IN THEM!

Frank: 4 votes, Irina: 1 votes

Frank got the most votes. The real saboteur was Frank.

Although frank sabotaged the challenge, he was detected.

Frank's final words: i feel really cross with the people who voted for me.

Floor 4 = Raptor Attack

Challenge Character: The Raptor

Unlucky unfortunate: Akira