The unfortunates are from Aberystwyth.

Mitchell (boy) won the X Factor in the first ever year (1, i mean the year 1)

Tanya (girl) invented rain

Jack B (boy) eats onions for a living

Gwendolyn (girl) is from Edinburgh, wait, how did she get in there?

Owen (boy) he uploaded "The Longest Video In The World (INFINITY)" to Youtube

Meryem (girl) BOGOF

Floor 6 = Botherer Blocks

Challenge Character : The Baby Botherer

No. Of blackouts: 3

Tower complete at end: no

Challenge failed


There was no voting. Instead, the voice revealed the sabotuer (tanya) would be trapped. The real saboteur was Tanya.

Although the sabotuer sabotaged the challenge, the voice trapped her immediately.

Tanya's last words: i feel really cross with the other people who succeded to the next floor.

Floor 5 = The Frozen Princess

Challenge Character : The Princess

Password : awaken

No. Of times screamed : 0

No. Of flowers placed in hands at end : 5/5

Challenge passed!


Mitchell: Meryem, because she didn't look happy when we passed.

Jack B: Mitchell, because he was quiet the whole time.

Gwendolyn: Mitchell, because he did not speak at all.

Owen: Mitchell, because he was really quiet.

Meryem, Mitchell, because he was like quiet.

Mitchell: 4 votes, meryem, 1 vote

Mitchell recieved the most votes. The real saboteur was Owen

Although the saboteur was undetected, he failed to sabotage the challenge.

Owen's last words: i'm gutted. Now i won't be able to go and see my family again.