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  • Coolharry64


    Akira (boy) He used to be a cookie

    Irina (girl) Who once driven in a box

    Frank (boy) He is not here right now. BEEP!

    Polly (girl) Invented the weather

    Zi-Kai (boy) Destroyed wikipedia in 3028

    Paula (girl) She has her clothes on the wrong way round

    Floor 6 = Black Widow

    Challenge character: Nobody

    No. Of black widow eggs sucked up: 3

    All white spider eggs sucked up at end: no

    Challenge failed


    Akira: Polly, because she had paula's pipe

    Irina: Polly, because she had the wrong pipe and it looked like she was picking the bad ones

    Frank: Zi-Kai, because he smiled

    Polly: Zi-Kai, because he looked very suspicious

    Zi-Kai: Polly, because she picked the spiders

    Paula: Zi-Kai, because he was smiling.

    Polly: 3 votes, Zi-Kai: 3 votes

    The vote is a tie…

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  • Coolharry64

    The unfortunates are from Aberystwyth.

    Mitchell (boy) won the X Factor in the first ever year (1, i mean the year 1)

    Tanya (girl) invented rain

    Jack B (boy) eats onions for a living

    Gwendolyn (girl) is from Edinburgh, wait, how did she get in there?

    Owen (boy) he uploaded "The Longest Video In The World (INFINITY)" to Youtube

    Meryem (girl) BOGOF

    Floor 6 = Botherer Blocks

    Challenge Character : The Baby Botherer

    No. Of blackouts: 3

    Tower complete at end: no

    Challenge failed


    There was no voting. Instead, the voice revealed the sabotuer (tanya) would be trapped. The real saboteur was Tanya.

    Although the sabotuer sabotaged the challenge, the voice trapped her immediately.

    Tanya's last words: i feel really cross with the other people who succeded to the…

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  • Coolharry64

    This batch of unfortunates are from blackpool.

    Unfortunates :

    Takumi (boy) who invented plants

    Hannah (girl) she walked on a waterslide

    Richard (boy) is in traffic. Please leave him a message BEEP!

    Mylene (girl) who bought her own peice of land

    Reggie (boy) wants to escape

    And that one with the head on upwards is sarah (girl)

    Floor 6 = Alien Pack

    Challenge Character: The Aliens

    No. Of powercuts: 3

    Pack complete at end: no

    Challenge Failed


    Hannah: reggie, because he was in a diffrent positions at the end of the blackouts.

    Richard: sarah, because she said something in the blackouts.

    Mylene: reggie, because at the end of the blackouts he was in a different position.

    Reggie: sarah, because she was laughhing in the blackouts and i could hear her.

    Sarah: r…

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  • Coolharry64

    This is a list of challenge formats for episode 5.

    • Floor 6: Mutternot's tales
    • Floor 5: Skeleton blocks
    • Floor 4: shark attack
    • Floor 3: Forbidden Chambers

    • Floor 6: Alien Pack
    • Floor 5: Atlantis
    • Floor 4: The Wolf & The Nut (In episode 8, it was Secret Invitation)
    • Floor 3: Animal Holes

    • Floor 6: Botherer Blocks
    • Floor 5: The Frozen Princess
    • Floor 4: TV twisters
    • Floor 3: Pin The Black Cat On The Tail

    • Floor 6: The Lost Invitations
    • Floor 5: Freaky Factory
    • Floor 4: Split Ends
    • Floor 3: Trycicle Wardobes

    • Floor 6: important Shoes
    • Floor 5: The Midnight Bride
    • Floor 4: waterworks
    • Floor 3: Millicent & The Moths

    • Floor 6: Goblet Of Ice
    • Floor 5: Beware The Crowman
    • Floor 4: Exploding Toad In The Hole
    • Floor 3: Camp Fear

    • Floor 6: Goblet Of Ice
    • Floor 5: Freaky Factory
    • Floor 4: Sleep Creeper…

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  • Coolharry64

    These unfortunates are from Nottingham.

    Unfortunates :

    John (boy) keeps giraffes under his bed

    Becca (girl) who invented running in 3017

    Daniel (boy) is one of your five a day

    Leah (girl) who brought just dance 4000

    Anthony (boy) who is having a party

    Sarah (girl) once ran the marathon backwards

    Floor 6 = Mutternot’s Tales

    Challenge Character : Miss Mutternot the Tower Librarian

    No. of blackouts : 3

    All books tidied up at end : No

    Challenge failed


    John: Daniel, because I could hear books falling by him.

    Becca: Daniel, Because every time the blackouts ended he was in a different position.

    Daniel: John, because he was slow.

    Leah: Daniel, because he bumped into me.

    Anthony: Sarah, because she was too loud.

    Sarah: Daniel, Because i could see him.

    Daniel: 4…

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