I am so bored, but I know I am going to make a list of the full episodes I haven't seen yet

1. Series 1, Episodes 1 - saw from a promo, 2, 3, 4, 6 - saw some clips only, 7, 8 - saw some clips only during snake attack and wicked wardrobes, 9 - saw some clips only in snake attack, 10 - saw some clips only in freaky factory, 11 - saw some clips only when the 4 unfortunates get out floor 5 and fight for freedom, 12 - only saw some clips in fight for freedom and 13 - only saw some clips in Wicked wardrobes

2. Series 2, Episodes 1 - saw from a music video, 2, 3 - saw 10 min only, 4, 5, 6 - saw 10 min only, 7 - saw 10 min only, 8 - saw 10 min only, 9, 10, 11 - saw 10 min only, 12 - saw 10 min only and 13 - saw from a music video

3. Series 3, Episodes 2, 3- saw from a promo, 8, 10, 11 - saw some prieview pics and 12

Now from you is to send me pictures of the unfortunates (If you send a picture make sure u tell who he/she is and which episode he/she is from) or tell me what the unfortunates look like from Series 1, Episodes 2 (Tia, Rochelle, Frankie, Aimen and Montell), 3 (Zahrah, Alessio, Puja, Joanna and Wolfgang), 4 (Cloda, Adam, Jodie, Ben, Dionne and Derryn), 7 (Benjamin, Florence, Sunaz, Joseph and Jaimee), 8 (Isobel), 9 (Rhiannon and Rhys), 10 (Vanessa), 11 (Ross and Emily), 12 (Samadul, Bradley, Marie and Shpresa) and 13 (Josh), Series 2, Episodes 2 (Shaneece, Natasha, Samantha, William, Ryan and Ibrahim), 4 (Andrew, Savannna, Jasmine, Natasha, Lewis and Hayden), 5 (Laura, Jacob, Jasmine, Aaron, Blaise and Nia), 9 (Rhianna, Taela, Elvira, Jonah, Alex and Joseph) and 10 (Michael, Imogen, Kiana, Abigail, Louis and George), Series 3, Episodes 2 (Ellie, Corey, Luke, Chloe, Zoe and Jamie), 3 (Tom, Florence, Elliot and Olivia), 8 (Lauren, Adam, MBalwani, Sarah, Maria and Matt), 10 (Dan, Juhel, Yinka, Salima, Callum and Osman), 11 (Kirby and Jack) and 12 (Jack, Chloe, Darcy, Carly, James and Daniel)

The Most important when decribing what they look like is For example, what theyre wearing, what hair (Long or short, curly or straight) and eye colour colour, are they fair or dark, if they have glasses, if they have freckles, are they tall?

Please Help me if posssible

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