aka Ann-Marie Buckle

  • I live in Malta, Tarxien
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is Art Assistant/Helper
  • I am female
  • Amathist1998

    These batch of unfortunates are from Hove.


    Henry (boy) has put a doughnut in the DVD player

    Elle (girl) who got arrested for cooking dinner and the kitchen

    Muhammed (boy) eats in class during lessons

    Amelia (girl) wants to engage her brother with a diamond ring

    Roger (boy) is a great dodger

    Ilona (girl) is at the hairdresssers', back in 15 minutes

    Floor 6 = Botherer Blocks

    Challenge Character : Baby Botherer

    No. of blackouts : 3

    Tower complete at end : No

    Challenge failed

    Voting :

    Henry : Roger, because I could see him change places

    Elle : Roger, because, he was with the baby all the time

    Muhammed : Roger, because when I was putting the blocks on, he was changing places when we open our eyes

    Amelia : Roger, because whenever there was a blacko…

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  • Amathist1998

    These unfortunates are from Bromley

    Unfortunates :

    Trevor (boy) has japanese tattoos

    Melissa (girl) has eaten up the planet

    Emmanuel (boy) is from Germany, How did he get in there?

    Bethany (girl) is korean beautician

    Chester (boy) he does backflips under the bed

    Leona (girl) thinks weed are something that fish smoke

    Floor 6 = Mutternot's Tales

    Challenge Character : Miss Mutternot the Tower Librarian

    No. of Blackouts : 3

    All books tidied up at end : No

    Challenge failed


    Trevor : Leona, because she dropped all the books

    Melissa : Leona, because every time she didn't bother to help us

    Emmanuel : Leona, because she was very quiet

    Bethany : Melissa, because she wanted to work on her own

    Chester : Melissa, she had a lots of books falling down

    Leona : Melissa…

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  • Amathist1998

    These unfortunates are from Buckinghamshire.

    Unfortunates :

    Peter (boy) he has killed a wolf with a gun and a knife

    Matilda (girl) is a busy bookworm

    Gordon (boy) who used to be a train

    Eva (girl) whose boyfriend is a candy apple

    Ted (boy) is the next Pinocchio!

    Kate (girl) is from London, How did she get in here?

    Floor 6 = Sapphire Blitz

    Challenge Characters : Indiana Jones, The Mummies

    No. of Sapphires collected = 2/7

    No. of Rocks collected = 4/4

    7 Sapphires to help Indiana Jones = No

    Challenge failed


    Peter: Gordon, because I saw him get all the rocks

    Matilda: Peter, Because he hadnt got a sapphire

    Gordon: Ted, because he was very quiet

    Eva: Peter, because he never got any sapphires

    Ted: Peter, because he looked suspicous

    Kate: Peter, Because he was …

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  • Amathist1998

    These batch of unfortunates are from Sunderland.


    Cody (boy) who has a pet eagle he rescued from a hunter.

    Clara (girl) whose boyfriend is the nutcracker.

    Denzel (boy) is from New York, USA. Hang on, how did he get in here?

    Ivy (girl) who used to be vines of plants.

    Jonathan (boy) who picks up teeth using a toothpick.

    Pippa (girl) she's born with pips from a fruit with pips.

    Floor 6 = Cupcake Mania

    Challenge Characters : Goldie, Share Bear, Wonderheart Bear, the Care Bears and The Goblins

    No. of Cupcakes Delivered = 1/5

    5 Delivered Cupcakes Complete = No

    Challenge failed


    Cody: Ivy, because she fell down and let the goblins eat the cupcake

    Clara: Denzel, Because he is all the time giving the cupcakes to the goblins.

    Denzel: Ivy, because…

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  • Amathist1998

    These batch of unfortunates are from Reading.


    Eddie (boy) Ed, Edd n Eddy

    Debbie (girl) is from Sweden. Wait, how did she get in here?

    Lee (boy) who put a wasps nest in his father's bed

    Kristina (girl) who creates fake fire drills at school

    Steve (boy) who goes to school on a magic carpet

    Louise (girl) she has destroyed the Titans Tower

    Floor 6 = The Lost Invitations

    Challenge Character – The Grimble

    Invitations posted : 2/6 (Found by Kristina and Debbie)

    Invitations ripped : 2 (Found by The Saboteur)

    Challenge failed


    Eddie : Lee, because he hasn’t been encouraging us

    Debbie : Lee, because he wasnt being responsible for the invitations

    Lee : Eddie, because I saw him rip the invitation

    Kristina : Eddie, because he took ages in the booth


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