Harriett: (she eats pumpkin toad on a Wednesday)

Luka: (he is a plural of Luke)

Samantha: (she is from outer space, how did she get here?)

Barney: (he got sucked into a television screen)

Marie: (came up with 1,000,000 synonyms for jigglywigglysmogglytigg)

Tori: (is a slap up all Sunday brunch)

Floor six: The room of the old

No of blackouts: 2

All the ancient items on the correct podiums at the end of 90 seconds: no

Challenge failed


Harriett: Samantha, because she took ages carrying the items

Luka: Tori, because I heard his footsteps in the blackouts

Samantha: Marie, because she was slow

Barney: Marie, because she was loud when the lights turned off

Marie: Tori, because he was acting strangely

Tori: Samantha, because she wasn't really encouraging the team

Samantha: 2 votes Tori: 2 votes Marie: 2 votes

Tori has drawn the short straw, the real saboteur was Marie

The saboteur succeeded and was safe from the draw straws

The voice asked Tori "how do you feel about being trapped"

Tori answered "sad that I will never see the light of day again"

Floor five: never trust a clam-fish

Challenge character: Ashley and Mustard

1st statement: Ants can fly, it's the truth, fed to Asley (Truth)

2nd statement: If you eat carrots for long enough, you will turn orange, It's a lie, fed to Mustard (Lies)

3rd statement:Your toenails can grow (if you leave them long enough) up to six meters, it's the truth, fed to Mustard (Lies)

4th statement: You see properly through your brain, it's the truth, fed to Ashley (Truth)

Right guesses (3/3) Wrong guesses (1/3)

Challenge passed!