Series 5ep 2 Unfortunates

Harry (he can fart to space)

Nidia (named after a curry made from disposed nappies)

Josh (loves yellow carrots)

Jane (becomes a zillionare in the future)

Karif (becomes attracted to lightbulbs)

Susanna (does math in her sleep)

Floor six: Walk like an Egyptian

Challenge character: Nobody, except a mummified Egyptian and Canopic jars.

No of blackouts: 3

All of the canopic jars filled with the right body parts using the right utensils and all the rubbish obscured in the bin at the end of 120 seconds: yes

Challenge passed


Harry: Susanna, because she was always standing near the canopic jars when they were knocked down

Nidia: Susanna, because she wasn't helping that much

Josh: Susanna, because she told us to use the wrong utensils

Jane: Susanna, because she was being sceptical

Karif: Susanna, because she started to purposely waist our time

Susanna: Harry, because he was distracting me from the task

Susanna: 5 votes Harry: 1 vote

Susanna has received the most votes. The real saboteur was Susanna.

The challenge passed and the saboteur found out.

The voice asked Susanna "how do you feel about being trapped"

Susanna replied "very unlucky I was the first one to be trapped"

Floor five: Electric danger

Challenge character: Mr fuzz

Bad electrocuting buttons: buttons with yellow on them

1st go: A little black & white button (A safe button)

2nd go: A big red & orange button (A safe button)

3rd go: A big brown and silver button (A safe button)

Right guesses: (3/3) Wrong guesses: (0/3)

Challenge passed