Introduction Edit

In 2009, a multiplayer online game was released after the end of the third series. This game contained some of the challenges from the show, slightly edited to fit the format. Players are first obliged to select a character, from a list of either 6 boys or 6 girls, and are named one of six players.

On each floor, players will be randomly selected to be either the saboteur or a team player. Throughout the game, the Voice will give hints to the saboteur, like the actual series itself.

As of April 2009, the game was hacked, cutting off some of the screen, therefore making some of the challenges broken or unplayable. This includes Body Shock, where the crank to rotate the lever was invisible. Experienced players may still be able to reach this, however. It does not seem as if the gameplay was affected. The game is unplayable as of 2015.

Floors Edit

Body Shock Edit

(Floor 6) Edit

This challenge originated from the second series of the show. To pass this challenge, unfortunates must assemble the body of a mummy. During the game, a number of blackouts will occur, resulting in the saboteur being able to turn a crank, releasing botherers who will try and take the body parts, hampering the unfortunates. Players are able to use two chat buttons in order to motivate the team.

Fairy Trials Edit

(Floor 5) Edit

This challenge originated from the second series of the show. To pass this challenge, unfortunates must guess to either release, or blow up fairies. During this game, the saboteur will be told by the voice which fairies must be blown up, and which must be released. This is introduced by a rule that the saboteur must follow, (either red hair, short hair or without gloves) in order to know which fairies are bad. The saboteur will then persuade his peers in order to trick them into choosing the wrong option. Players can choose from three chat buttons (hats, gloves and face to state their case to the others.

Sleep Creepers Edit

(Floor 4) Edit

This challenge originated from the first series of the show, however it was originally proposed on Floor 3. To pass this challenge, unfortunates must switch off all eight alarm clocks before the time is up. They can do this by touching the clocks. During this game, the saboteur will use the blackouts in order to switch clocks back on, arriving at his bed once the blackout ends. All the chat buttons in this game share the same properties as Body Shock.

One Eyed Watcher Edit

(Floor 3) Edit

This challenge originated from the third series of the show. To pass this challenge, unfortunates must guess which ball the cup is in, after the cups are moved around. During the game, the saboteur can see the eye through a transparent graphic, leading the others away from the correct cup. Players in this game can use the positive or negative buttons in order to lead or bring players to create correct or incorrect decisions, depending on their status in the game.

Fight For Freedom Edit

(Floor 2) Edit

This challenge originates from the first series of the show, however it is a completely different game in this instance. The two remaining players must navigate through a maze, activating switches to open a trapdoor to the key of freedom. The two players must use their opponent's movement in order to sabotage each other. The winner of this game earns their freedom, while the other is trapped.

Voting Edit

Much like in the original show, players vote for their opinion on who the saboteur is. However, there is no need to state a reason. Players can change their vote to whoever they please at anytime before the vote closes.

If the team passes a challenge, then the saboteur is automatically trapped. If they fail a challenge, the person with the most votes is trapped. In the event of a tie, then a player will be picked at random by the use of a flashing light which rotates between them. The player under the spotlight at the end of this rotation is trapped.

Trivia Edit

  • One-Eyed Watcher is prominently one of the hardest games to sabotage, as the patterns are very easily to memorise and the sabotaging ability can be useless. However, coincidentally, if the team does somehow fail this challenge, it is very hard to detect a saboteur, apart from random, illogical guessing.
  • Body Shock is the easiest game to sabotage, however it is also the easiest game to spot the saboteur in. This is mainly due to players being extremely observant in the position of other players during the challenge.
  • Though the game is currently unplayable you are still able to download the flash file for this game at this specific link. -

Gameplay Edit