In 2009, a multiplayer online game was released after the end of the third series. This game contained some of the challenges from the show, slightly edited to fit the format. Players must first select a character 'Unfortunate' one from either 6 boys or 6 girls to play as, then move on. They are either chosen to be a saboteur in secret, or just get shown a picture of a clock and an otherwise blank screen. The voice gives hints to the saboteur throughout each separate game as to how to ruin the challenge. If the team passes, then the saboteur is trapped. If they fail, the person with the most votes is trapped. In the event of a tie, then two spotlights flash over the drawing players until only one remains on. The player under the remaining spotlight is trapped. The cartoon-style characters used in the game parody the opening.

However, the game was hacked sometime around April 2009 to cut off part of the screen and sometimes what characters the players have chosen become boys in ascending number order. The game is still working as from 25.09.09 but no new games. As of mid 2015, The game has since been removed from the CBBC website.

Floor 6 Body Shock

Challenge Character = The Botherers

No. of Blackouts = 2

(Quite successful for The Voice)

The team must assemble the mummy's body, by running into and collecting body parts scattered around the room, and then bringing them to a central table with the mummy on. If a player is the saboteur, he or she must go to the red wheel in the corner to release the Botherers, the others are subjected to a 'black-out' where creepy animations fly randomly out of a dark background. Players can talk positively or negatively with two chat-buttons, which can affect other players' concentration or speed of work.

Floor 5 = Fairy Trials :

Challenge Characters = The Fairies

The Characteristic that Bad Fairies have: Either Short Hair, Red Hair or Without Gloves

(Average, mostly Not very successful for the Voice.)

The team must decide whether a fairy on a screen in the room is good or bad. If they think she's good, they must stand on the green floor on the left side of the room to release her. If she's bad, they must stand on the red floor on the right side of the room to burst her. If a player is the saboteur he/she must convince the team to go to the wrong floor. The voice gives a defining category as to whether the fairies are good or bad each time, i.e. The bad fairies wear gloves, the good fairies have red hair etc. The players can use the three chat buttons: Hair, Face and Gloves, to state their case to the others.☁

Floor 4 = Sleep Creepers (instead of Floor 3)

Challenge Characters = Nobody

No. of Blackouts = 2

(Not very successful for the Voice.)

The team start the challenge in four beds (as oppose to the TV challenge for three players) and eight ringing alarm clocks. Players must navigate their way around the room, turning off alarm clocks by touching them. When a blackout occurs the saboteur gets out of bed and turns on clocks before (hopefully) returning to their bed in time for the others to come out. The others are subjected to the same animations as in Body Shock, and the chat buttons are the same too.

Floor 3 = The One-Eyed Watcher

Challenge Character = The One-Eyed Watcher

(Not very successful for the Voice in this game rather than in the TV series)

This is notably the hardest one to sabotage! There are three cups, the players are shown which one has the eye under to begin with, then the cups are moved around. Only the saboteur can see which cup the eye is under, he/she has to lead the others away from it, using the 'positive'-'negative' chat buttons and their own, visible choice.

Floor 2 = One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner/Fight for Freedom

The Voice calls this part 'One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner'; the two remaining players must navigate through a maze, activating switches to get them to the open trapdoor an Key of Freedom. Players can use their opponent's move craftily to escape. The one who escapes is shown coming out the tower trapdoor at the end, the other loses and is 'Trapped!'.

Note: Rather than having to ask questions, the two unfortunates will have to race to the key in a maze, also The Botherers are added so that if an unfortunate bumps into the botherer, he/she will have to start over