The midnight bride is a mental challenge that is only found in series 4 Edit

"The bride is coming" The marriage man when the midnight bride is coming. 

Lay out: The room looks like part of a church a stained glass with a 5 on it. The room has chairs with red seats with the men's portraits on top of it. there is also stuff the wedding should have like a 3 layered cake and a group of flowers along with there is a red carpet covered with leaves. Also the room is very dark with candles and a dark window for light.

Recurring characters: The two recurring characters is the midnight bride and the marriage man. Edit

The midnight bride wears a wedding dress with her face being barely visible. She is show that she has a hard time choosing the men she wants to marry. From the marriage man she has to choose a husband before she is dead. The midnight bride also is show to get very angry when the unfortunates hand her the wrong husband like when they get one wrong she screams at them and angrily knocks over the 3 layered cake. but she can get very happy to like when the unfortunates hand her a husband she wants to marry she hugs the portrait and walks back. She is played by Eloise Dale Edit

The marriage man: He is the other recurring character in the floor. he wears a suit with a top hat. He is show to be annoyed ,very impatient and very serious. If they get it wrong he would tell them to choose another husband or with an "oh dear...". His is played by Dusty Limits. Edit

Caretaker's Description : (Before the game) "Oh, some people are never happy, particularly this ficklesome bride." (caretaker explaining the game) "When the clock strikes 12, the midnight bride has so many admirers, she cannot decide." (marriage man) "This is all getting silly." (caretaker) "The marriage man said..." (marriage man) "You must find a husband before you are dead!" (caretaker) "Unfortunates must find her three potential husbands, but beware - present her with any she don't like the look of and there'll be trouble. Choosing correctly three times, and it's all over. Remember, one of them is not to be trusted, but who is it?" Edit

Game play: The game play is similar to Toxic treats, deadly medley, exploding toad in the hole, spooked and beware the crowman. The voice will tell the saboteur which men the midnight bride does not like in the beginning of the challenge. one person must bring the man's portrait to the midnight bride if this the one she likes she will hug the portrait and go back for another round. If its a husband she does not like she will scream at the Unfortunates and knock over a cake if they got one wrong, rips off flowers of the group of flowers if they get two wrong, and if fail she will scream and storm off. Unlike all the other mental challenges this one has a time limit and when the clock that tells them that time is running out. Edit

Trivia: The midnight bride shares its theme with the one eyed watcher. Edit

Kaleah is the only saboteur in the Midnight Bride who failed to sabotage the challenge. Edit

This is one of the few challenges that got a grammar game the others are wall of sorrow, body shock, forbidden chambers, the wolf and the nut, poisoned hollows and a child for tea. Edit