Picture of Split Ends, Trapped By Her Hair.

Spilt Ends is a mental floor 4 challenge introduced in Series 4 (Ever After).

It is similar to Green Fingers and Extraction.

The Caretakers Explanation of the Game:

'There once was a girl, approach if you dare, never combed it nor cut it, now she's trapped by her hair! Split Ends is her name and the poor things in knots! To pass this challenge, the unfortunates must remove three bows from her tangled plaits, without disturbing her. But beware! If she screams three times, it's all over!' But beware! Someone is out to upset her.


Split Ends sits an a chair above the trapdoor, accompanied by six mirrors on each side. The whole room is decorated in her long, red hair. Five bunches of her hair trail up to the ceiling, each with a yellow, a red and a green bow on it.

Challenge CharacterEdit

Split Ends, the character, Is obviously based on "Rapunzel", (long hair) and slightly like Alice from "Alice In Wonderland" (dress). She has long red hair which trails down her face, hiding her face from view. She remains mute throughout most of the challenge, though she giggles when the unfortunates pick a right bow and screams when they pick a wrong bow. She appears to be a "Maneater", or a flirt, as she was seen tempting unfortunate Harry in Series 4, Episode 6 (Bootle). Played By Jolana Lee.


On each bunch of hair, the unfortunates must decide which bow to untie, red, green or yellow. The Voice tells the saboteur which bow will make her scream. If they untie three good bows, they pass, but untie three 'screamer' bows and they fail.

Saboteurs & Unfortunates TrappedEdit

In Series 4, Episode 2 (Hastings) the saboteur was Megan, Kimberely's twin sister. Megan made the team untie three bad bows in a row, with not even one good bow, and didn't get one single vote! PJ got trapped instead. Megan, however, got trapped on floor 3, Scallywag Wood, by her twin sister, Kimberely, who was the saboteur!

In Series 4, Episode 4 (Fulham)  the saboteur was Irisa. Irisa failed to sabotage and got detected! The strange thing was, though, the team voted for Irisa because they said she didn't celebrate, but Irisa celebrated better than they did!

In Series 4, Episode 6 (Bootle) the saboteur was Fern. Fern made the team fail, but got into a draw with Harry in the voting. Harry drew the short straw, though, and Fern went free! But Fern then was chosen as the saboteur again and got trapped on floor 3, Millicent and the Moths.

In Series 4, Episode 8 (South Shields) the saboteur was Abbie. Abbie failed to sabotage, but when they passed, everybody voted for each other, they obviously didn't trust each other!

In Series 4, Episode 10 (Weston-super-mare)  the saboteur was Ruby. Ruby made the team fail and the only person to spot her was Josh, But everyone else voted for Josh!

In Series 4, Episode 12 (Ipswich) the saboteur was Neve. Neve made the team fail and the only person to spot her was Shannon, but everyone else voted for Shannon! Neve is the only unfortunate to be the sabotuer on the whole of floor 4 and escape!


Split Ends is clearly based on both Green Fingers and Extraction from the original Trapped! Series.

In Green Fingers, unfortunates must choose a plant pot to put their hand in, either green, white or purple. Two of them are good and contain magic bulbs. But one is bad and contains Green Fingers. Unearth Green Fingers three times and they fail!

In Extraction, unfortunates have to decide which tooth to pull out from the Whinging Werewolf. There are three colours (black teeth, yellow teeth and white teeth) and two different types (teeth with two 'points' at the end, and teeth with only one long 'point') all together there are sixteen Teeth to pull out. If they pull out three rotten teeth, they pass. if not, they will fail!

In Split Ends, unfortunates must choose from three bows to untie, either green, yellow or red. Two are good and will make split ends giggle, but one is bad and will make her scream. Make her scream three times and they fail!


  • This is only one of two floor 4 challenges that appeared in Series 4, the other being the Wolf and the Nut.
  • Split Ends style of clothing is very similar to "Lolita Fashion" a fashion subculture from Japan based on Victorian clothing with a Rococo influence, more specifically "Gothic Lolita"
  • The term "Split Ends" itself means a tip of a person's hair which has split from dryness or ill-treatment. The later term is a perfect description of how the character treated their hair, though the former is also possible.
  • Ironically, hair plaits are not supposed to be the best thing for your hair as they can lead to baldness especially when you tug them roughly and if they are very tight, Split Ends does indeed tug her hair when a bad bow tie is untied which is arguably worse for her than simply letting it overgrow.

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