Sleep Creepers is a Saboteur Alert challenge that is played on Floor 3 in the original three series of Trapped. It is also the Floor 4 challenge in Trapped!: Escape the Tower! The pass rate of this challenge is high, as is the saboteur detection rate.

the caretakers Explanation of the game eight alarm clocks all going off oh what a racket the unfortunates have got to turn them all off once the've done that they've got to jump back into bed and pull the duvet right over their heads they can't peek out if they hear an alarm it means the game has been sabotaged they'll need to find the alarm and turn it off they'll pass if all the alarms are off at the end of 90 seconds


The room is bleak and dull, and contains three beds. Scattered around the room are 8 large alarm clocks - one in each of two gangways between the beds atop bedside tables, 5 scattered around the floor at the front of the room and one large one that is raised above the floor on a platform in the middle of the room.


In order to pass the challenge, the 8 ringing alarm clocks must be turned off by the end of 90-120 seconds (this depends on the series). Each of the 3 remaining unfortunates (or 4 in Trapped!: Escape the Tower!) assign themselves a bed. The team must work together to deactivate all of the clocks, and then hide under the bedsheets (on one occasion an unfortunate who was not the saboteur did not fully get under the covers, giving him an unfair advantage). When the unfortunates are hiding, the saboteur is instructed by The Voice to get out of bed and turn on one or more alarm clocks (whilst being quiet to avoid detection) around the room, choosing the position of the turned on clocks carefully to avoid detection. When a clock is activated, there will be 3 seconds until it begins to ring, meaning the saboteur must get back into bed quickly to avoid detection. The game is continuously played in this "saboteur alert" format until the end of the challenge time. If the 8 clocks are no longer ringing by then, the challenge is passed and saboteur is trapped. However, if one or more clocks is still ringing, the challenge is failed and regular voting commences.

Saboteurs/Unfortunates Trapped Edit

This challenge has a high sabotage failure and high detection rate.

Series 1, Episode 3 (Cambridge): The saboteur was Puja. Puja was trapped due to failure to sabotage the challenge and detection.

Series 1, Episode 7 (Brighton): The saboteur was Joe. Florence was trapped due being voted for twice after the challenge was failed.

Series 1, Episode 10 (Newcastle): The saboteur was Molly. Molly was trapped due to failure to sabotage the challenge and detection.

Series 3, Episode 2 (Wigan): The saboteur was Luke. Luke was trapped due to failure to sabotage the challenge and detection.

Trivia Edit

  • In Series 1, Episode 10 (Newcastle), the saboteur, Molly, pulled off one of the bed-knobs whilst sabotaging the challenge. Despite the voice telling her not to worry, she fixed the bed-knob, using up time and creating a lot of noise - this was likely the reason that she failed to sabotage the challenge and was detected by her fellow unfortunates. Also Molly was heavily breathing (probaly from all the running she had to do as the saboteur) when it came to the voting. This could've also been a reason for the others to vote for her.
  • In Series 1, Episode 3 (Cambridge), when the alarm clocks were turned off, Alessio did not get into his bed, and instead lay on top of the covers with his face on the mattress. This meant that, unlike Zahrah, he could hear (and possibly see) Puja sabotaging the challenge much more easily, giving him a highly unfair advantage when it came to voting for the saboteur (although this did not matter as Puja ultimately failed to sabotage the game, so the challenge was passed).
  • In Series 3, Episode 2 (Wigan), the saboteur Luke fell asleep when he was supposedly meant to be sabotaging the challenge.
  • Luke is the only boy to be trapped in Sleep Creepers
  • This is the only Floor 3 challenge that was introduced and appeared outside of Series 1.

Similarities Edit

This challenge is similar to Wicked Wardrobes, another Saboteur Alert challenge - both challenged were introduced in Series 1 and feature a similar task - switching on or off items before the time limit. However, Wicked Wardrobes features 3 wardrobes, instead of 3 beds, and the alert is a gramophone playing "Sh-Boom (Life is But a Dream)" by The Crew Cuts, instead of ringing alarm clocks. Also, unlike in Sleep Creepers, where the alarm clocks must be turned off, the lights in Wicked Wardrobes must be turned on to stop the alert and pass the challenge. Sleep Creepers is also similar to a variation of Wicked Wardrobes called Millicent And The Moths, which features a challenge character, ceiling lights (instead of floor lights) which must be turned off, like in Sleep Creepers, and the alert is the buzzing of moths, although the unfortunates must still hide in Wardrobes.