Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 828:12

Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 8

Unfortunates :

Adam (boy), he invented a time machine in 2056

Abigail (girl) used to be a banjo

Ellis (boy) is a trip hazard

Amy (girl) is scared of Wednesdays

Ads (boy) glows in the dark

Abbie (girl) once cooked a mammoth

Floor 6 = Botherer Blocks

Challenge Character : Baby Botherer

No. of blackouts : 2

Tower complete at end : No

Challenge failed


Adam : Ads, because he was a bit quiet and he was always getting in the way

Abigail : Ads, because when the power cut started, Abigail heard rustling from his side

Ellis : Ads, because he wasn’t moving as fast as the team

Amy : Ads, because he didn’t work as hard as other people

Ads : Ellis, because he kept arguing with everyone

Abbie : Ads, because he wasn’t talking as much as everybody else

Ads : 5 votes, Ellis : 1 vote

Ads got the most votes. The real saboteur was Adam.

The saboteur succeeded and didn't get a single vote.

Ads’ last words : “I’ll miss you, Mum and Dad”

Floor 5 = The Midnight Bride

Challenge Characters : The Bride, The Vicar

What the bride hates : Anyone with flowers

1st go : Julius Vile picked (with flower)

2nd go : Wilfred Scab picked (without flower)

3rd go : Albert Creep picked (with flower)

4th go : Theodore Sneer picked (with flower)

Right guesses : 1/3, Wrong guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


Abigail : Adam, because he was always the first to choose the portrait

Ellis : Abbie, because she almost certainly knew that the last one was wrong

Amy : Adam, because he didn’t do much work

Abbie : Adam, because he wasn’t talking very much

Adam : Amy, because when the team got one wrong, she was acting as if it was a really big disappointment.

Adam : 3 votes, Abbie : 1 vote, Amy : 1 votes

Adam got the most votes. The real saboteur was Amy

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret

Adam’s last words : “I’m really going to miss playing football”

Floor 4 = Split Ends

Challenge Character : Split Ends

1st go : Green bow is the screamer. The team picked yellow

2nd go : Yellow bow is the screamer. The team picked red

3rd go : Green bow is the screamer. The team picked green

4th go : Green bow is the screamer. The team picked green

5th go : Red bow is the screamer. The team picked green

Right guesses : 3/3, Wrong guesses : 2/3

Challenge passed


Ellis : Amy, because she always chose the bad ones

Amy : Ellis, because all the way through, he had a snarky face on him

Abbie : Abigail, because she wasn’t talking very much

Abigail : Abbie, because she was trying to frame the team

Amy : 1 vote, Ellis : 1 vote, Abigail : 1 vote, Abbie : 1 vote

The vote is a tie. Everyone has received 1 vote. They hopefully don’t trust each other. The real saboteur was Abbie.

The team passed but they can’t decide who was the saboteur.

Abbie’s last words : “Am I really stuck in here?” (Split Ends screams)

Phone caller : Mrs So and So

Floor 3 = Scallywag Wood

Challenge Characters : Esme, The Scallywags

Scallywag Types : Creatures with 4 legs

1st go : Toad picked (with 4 legs)

2nd go : Snail picked (without 4 legs)

3rd go : Scorpion picked (without 4 legs)

Right guesses : 1/2 , Wrong guesses : 2/2

Challenge failed


Amy : Abigail, because she wasn’t taking part

Abigail : Amy, because she always led the team to the bad animals

Ellis : Amy, because she always led the team to the bad animals

Amy : 2 votes, Abigail : 1 vote

Amy got the most votes. The real saboteur was Abigail.

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret.

Amy’s last words : “I’m glad I’ve got this far and at least I’ve got the animals to play with”

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be one winner)

The Caretaker said "This is it! I'm so excited, I could punch a parrot!"

Who do the toy blocks belong to on Floor Six?

Baby Botherer (Abigail said The Baby. But not his full name)

What did The Midnight Bride knock over in anger?

A cake (Ellis said the correct answer)

How many unfortunates played Split Ends?

4 (Abigail said the correct answer)

Who was the 2nd unfortunate to exit the cage when the unfortunates arrived at The Tower?

Abigail (Ellis said the correct answer)

Which colour bow did you untie first in Split Ends?

Yellow (Abigail said the correct answer)

In Midnight Bride, what number is in the stained-glass window?

5 (Ellis said the correct answer)

Ellis answered 3 questions correctly

Abigail answered 2 questions correctly

Ellis won his freedom and Abigail is trapped

Ellis said: The winner has got to be me!


  • In Floor 3, Amy ws the only one to vote for the saboteur (Abigail) and everyone else voted for her.
  • In this episode, All the unfortunates name started with , 'A' Except for Ellis (The winner)
  • This is the last episode when everyone recieved 1 vote each.
  • In Scallywag Wood, the Voice told Abigail to choose animals without 4 legs which were the snake, spider, snail and scorpion. However, the Voice forgot to mention the dove which has 2 legs.
  • This is the last episode where a saboteur on Floor 3 has sabotaged the challenge and remained undetected.

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