Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 6

Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 6

Unfortunates :

Matthew (boy), he has a really unusual nickname

Bobbie-Leigh (girl), Bobbie-Leigh, Bobbylee,Bobbly!

Paul (boy) is allergic to chairs

Rhea (girl) is 100% wholeweat goodness

Harry (boy) won Eurovision in 1970-ten

Fern (girl), That's 3 yeses, you're going through

Floor 6 = The Lost Invitations

Challenge Character – The Grimble

Invitations posted : 2/6 (Found by Fern and Rhea)

Invitations ripped : 2 (Found by The Saboteur)

Challenge failed


Matthew : Bobbie-Leigh, because she hasn’t been talking

Bobbie-Leigh : Matthew, because he voted for Bobbie-Leigh and Bobbie-Leigh saw him rip the ball invitation

Paul : Bobbie-Leigh, because she wasn’t talking like Matthew said

Rhea : Matthew, because he took ages in the booth

Harry : Matthew, because when he went in the booth, you could hear ripping

Fern : Matthew, because when Fern was going out of the booth, he took a while coming out

Matthew : 4 votes, Bobbie-Leigh : 2 votes

Matthew got the most votes. The real saboteur was Matthew.

Although the saboteur ruined the game, He got spotted.

Matthew’s last words : “I’m really gutted I got trapped first”

Floor 5 = Poisoned Hollows

Challenge Character : Nobody

No. of saboteur alerts : 3

No. of apples on circle at end : 9/12

Challenge failed


Paul : Bobbie-Leigh, because she weren’t talking much again

Rhea : Bobbie-Leigh, because she was next to Rhea on the tree trunk and Rhea could just hear noises

Harry : Bobbie-Leigh, because Paul could hear loads of noises when the apples were going

Fern : Harry, because Fern could hear all noises beside her

Bobbie-Leigh : Paul, because all the apples were coming from his direction

Bobbie-Leigh : 3 votes, Harry : 1 vote, Paul : 1 vote

Bobbie-Leigh got the most votes. The real saboteur was Paul.

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret.

Bobbie-Leigh’s last words : “I’m going to really miss using my laptop”

Floor 4 = Split Ends

Challenge Character : Split Ends

1st go : Red bow is the screamer. The team picked yellow

2nd go : Green bow is the screamer. The team picked green

3rd go : Yellow bow is the screamer. The team picked yellow

4th go : Yellow bow is the screamer. The team picked green

5th go : Red bow is the screamer. The team picked red

Right guesses : 2/3, Wrong guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


Rhea : Harry, because when the team made a decision, he was just like thinking then like agreeing or disagreeing

Harry : Fern, because she kept saying the same colour all the time

Fern : Harry, because he didn’t say much during the task

Paul : Fern, because she kept trying to persuade the team

Harry : 2 votes, Fern : 2 votes

The vote is a tie. Harry and Fern got the most votes.

Harry has drawn the short straw. The real saboteur was Fern.

The saboteur succeeded and she was safe from the draw straws.

Harry’s last words : “I never got to say goodbye to my friends and family. Goodbye” (Split Ends screams)

Phone caller : Some person that doesn't know the address to The Tower

Floor 3 = Millicent and the Moths

Challenge Character : Millicent

No. of saboteur alerts : 4

All lights off at end : No

Challenge failed


Fern : Paul, because he wasn’t really saying that much

Paul : Fern, because she turned one on, then back off

Rhea : Fern, because whichever wardrobe she was in, the door would always slam

Fern : 2 votes, Paul : 1 votes

Fern got the most votes. The real saboteur was Fern

Although the saboteur ruined the game, she got spotted

Fern’s last words : “I’m so disappointed cos I didn’t get to the last floor”

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be One Winner)

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could strangle a maggot"

On which floor did you play The Lost Invitations?

Six (Paul said Floor One)

Did your team pass or fail Poisoned Hollows?

Fail (Rhea said the correct answer)

Who was trapped in Split Ends?

Harry (Paul said Fern)

Who helped the saboteur switch on the lights on Floor Three?

Millicent (Rhea said nothing at all)

What pattern can be found on Split Ends’ socks?

Stripes (Paul said the correct answer)

Which unfortunate posted the first invitation in The Lost Invitations?

Fern (Rhea said the correct answer)

Rhea answered 2 questions correctly

Paul answered 1 question correctly

Rhea won her freedom and Paul is trapped

Rhea said: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I did it, whoa!