Unfortunates :

Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 428:14

Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 4

Leurim (boy), he used to be a cheese grater

Noor (girl) is free from polyunsaturates

Said (boy) hatched from a golden egg

Hodon (girl), she once waxed a penguin

Ganto (boy) is an ironing board

Irisa (girl) once went to school on a biscuit

Floor 6 = Mutternot’s Tales

Challenge Character : Miss Mutternot the Tower Librarian

No. of blackouts : 3

All books tidied up at end : No

Challenge failed


Leurim : Said, because he wasn’t helping the team when they were fixing the books

Noor : Said, because every time the team was helping, he would accidentally drop the books

Said : Noor, because every time there was a blackout, the books were falling next to her

Hodon : Noor, because the books were always falling next to her

Ganto : Said, because whenever the blackout ended, he wasn’t at his usual place

Irisa : Said, because the books always fell beside him

Said : 4 votes, Noor : 2 votes

Said got the most votes. The real saboteur was Leurim

The saboteur succeeded and didn't get a single vote.

Said’s last words : “I’m upset I got trapped first, but I wish the team lots of luck.” (Miss Mutternot screams)

Floor 5 = Poisoned Hollows

Challenge Character : Nobody

No. of saboteur alerts : 3

No. of apples on circle at end : 10/12

Challenge failed


Noor : Ganto, because every time Noor saw the apples go, She saw them on his side

Hodon : Ganto, because when he was spinning round the table, he didn’t seem to be doing much

Ganto : Noor, because she kept on dropping the apples

Irisa : Ganto, because the apples always fell on his side

Leurim : Noor, because she kept not helping and throwing the apples on Leurim’s side

Ganto : 3 votes, Noor : 2 votes

Ganto got the most votes. The real saboteur was Noor

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret

Ganto’s last words : “I’m destivated I’m trapped but seriously, am I going to stay forever?”

Floor 4 = Split Ends

Challenge Character : Split Ends

1st go : The yellow bow is the screamer. The team picked yellow.

2nd go : The green bow is the screamer. The team picked green.

3rd go : The yellow bow is the screamer. The team picked red

4th go : The red bow is the screamer. The team picked yellow

5th go : The red bow is the screamer. The team picked green

Right guesses : 3/3, Wrong guesses : 2/2

Challenge passed


Hodon : Irisa, because when the team took the bows off, and they got them right, she didn’t celebrate. She just looked a bit down

Irisa : Noor, because she wasn’t helping the team

Leurim : Irisa, because she wasn’t celebrating when the team got the right ribbons

Noor : Irisa, because every time the team got one right, she’d always disagree and wouldn’t celebrate

Irisa : 3 votes, Noor : 1 vote

Irisa got the most votes. The real saboteur was Irisa

The team passed and the saboteur spotted.

Irisa’s last words : “I would just like to say that I’m going to miss everyone” (Both scream afterwards)

Phone caller : Miss Mutternot

Floor 3 = Scallywag Wood

Challenge Characters : Esme, The Scallywags

Scallywag Types : Creatures with feathers or fur

1st go : The team picked cockroach (No feathers or fur)

2nd go : The team picked bird (Feathers or fur)

3rd go : The team picked lizard (No feathers or fur)

Right guesses : 1/2 , Wrong guesses : 2/2

Challenge failed


Leurim : Noor, because she kept on picking the wrong animals

Noor : Leurim, because he wasn’t making any choices. He was just agreeing with everything the team said

Hodon : Leurim, because most of the main decisions were up to him

Leurim : 2 votes, Noor : 1 vote

Leurim got the most votes. The real saboteur was Hodon.

The saboteur succeeded and didn't get a single vote.

Leurim’s last words : “I’m really disappointed to be trapped, especially if I’m going to be turned into a cockroach.”

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be one winner)

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could crimp a chimp"

Who does the long hair belong to on Floor Four?

Split Ends (Noor said the correct answer)

What’s the name given to the tree in Scallywag Wood?

The Tree of Transformation (Hodon said The Scallywag Wood Tree)

How many times did the lights go out in Mutternott’s Tales?

3 (Noor said 2)

Who was trapped in Poisoned Hollows?

Ganto (Hodon said Irisa)

When the unfortunates arrived at the tower, Who was the first person out of the cage?

Leurim (Noor said the correct answer)

Noor answered 2 questions correctly

Hodon answered no questions correctly

Noor won her freedom and Hodon is trapped

Noor said: See ya!


  • After the Split Ends challenge on this episode, the team voted for Irisa because they said she didn't celebrate after they got a right bow each time, though Irisa did celebrate.
  • The Voice told Hodon to choose animals without feathers and fur which were the lizard, snake, toad and cockroach. However, the voice forgot to mention the snail which doesn't has feathers or fur.
  • First appearance of Poisoned Hollows.
  • Leurim is the only saboteur in Mutternot's Tales to sabotage the challenge and not receive a single vote.

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