Unfortunates :

Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 2

Trapped! Ever After Series 4 Episode 2

Ross (boy), he once got stuck up a drainpipe

Lucy (girl), who used to be a postage stamp

PJ (boy) thought he was going to be on Raven! Gutted!

Jordan (boy) once moonwalked the marathon

Megan (girl), buy one, get one free

And there she is, her twin sister Kimberley (girl). No relation!

Floor 6 = Botherer Blocks

Challenge Character : Baby Botherer

No. of blackouts : 2

Tower complete at end : No

Challenge failed

Voting :

Ross : Lucy, because Ross could hear footsteps near him

Lucy : PJ, because at the end, he was blaming it all on Lucy and he hardly joined in.

Jordan : Lucy, because when Jordan was trying to put the blocks back, she was standing by the pen

PJ : Lucy, because whenever there was a blackout, she was always near the play pen

Megan : PJ, because he didn’t join in the game

Kimberley : Lucy, because she wasn’t really joining in

Lucy : 4 votes, PJ : 2 votes

Lucy got the most votes. The real saboteur was Lucy.

Although the saboteur ruined the game, she got spotted

Lucy’s last words : “I wish I’d done better and I’m really going to miss my family”

Floor 5 = The Midnight Bride

Challenge Characters : The Bride, The Marriage Man

What the bride hates : Any one in the left room

1st go : Hector Nott picked (left side)

2nd go :Edwin Crust picked (right side)

3rd go : Jefferson Mould picked (left side)

4th go : Edmund Newt picked (left side)

Right guesses : 1/3 , Wrong Guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


Jordan : Ross, because every time he picked one, it was wrong

PJ : Megan, because she kept picking the wrong ones

Megan : Ross, because he made the team choose all the wrong ones

Kimberley : PJ, because every time he joined in, he chose the wrong one

Ross : Jordan, because he was so quiet

Ross : 2 votes, Megan : 1 vote, PJ : 1 vote, Jordan : 1 vote

Ross got the most votes, The real saboteur was PJ.

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret

Ross last words : “I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t make it and I’m stuck with these two” (Bride screams)

Floor 4 = Split Ends

Challenge Character : Split Ends

1st go : Yellow bow is the screamer, The team picked yellow

2nd go : Red bow is the screamer, The team picked red

3rd go : Green bow is the screamer, The team picked green

Yellow : 1, Red : 1, Green : 1

Right guesses : 0/3, Wrong guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


PJ ; Kimberley, because she picked all the wrong ones

Megan : PJ, because he made the team choose all the bad ones

Kimberley : PJ, because he wasn’t joining in that much and he kept blaming Kimberley

Jordan : PJ, because he was just keeping quiet

PJ : 3 votes, Kimberley : 1 vote

PJ got the most votes. The real saboteur was Megan

The saboteur succeeded and didn't get a single vote.

PJ’s last words : “I can’t believe they voted for me” (Split Ends screams)

Phone caller : Mr and Mrs Thingy

Floor 3 = Scallywag Wood

Challenge Characters : Esme, The Scallywags

Scallywag Types : Creatures beginning with “S”

1st go : The team picked mouse (not beginning with "S")

2nd go : The team picked snail (beginning with "S")

3rd go : The team picked cockroach (not beginning with "S")

Right guesses : 1/2 , Wrong guesses 2/2

Challenge failed


Jordan : Megan, because each time she guessed, she got it wrong

Megan : Kimberley, because she made the team get a chicken when she chose the cockroach

Kimberley : Megan, because every time she agreed with one, she made the team get a chicken

Megan ; 2 votes, Kimberley : 1 votes

Megan got the most votes. The real saboteur was Kimberley

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret

Megan’s last words : “I can’t believe my sister voted for me and it stinks in here”

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be one winner)

The Caretaker said "This is it, I am so excited, I could tickle a tangerine"

How many times did the lights go out in Botherer Blocks?

Two (Jordan said Three)

What colour were Split Ends’ gloves?

Black (Kimberley said the correct answer)

Name two creatures that can be found on Esme’s cart?

(Jordan said cockroach and a tarantula e.g.)

Name two colours on the toy blocks in Botherer Blocks?

(Kimberley said red and yellow e.g.)

How many of Split Ends’ bunches had bows on them?

Five (Jordan said the correct answer)

What colour is the stained glass window in The Midnight Bride?

Red (Kimberley said black)

What colour was the bow in the middle of Split Ends’ head?

Black (Jordan said red)

What images were on the Baby Botherer’s pink pyjamas?

Skulls and crossbones (Kimberley said the correct answer)

Jordan answered 2 questions correctly

Kimberley answered 3 questions correctly

Kimberley won her freedom and Jordan is trapped.

Kimberley said: Yahoo! I won!


  • After the Scallywag Wood challenge in this episode, Megan was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur (Kimberley) and everyone else voted for her
  • This is the only episode where 2 siblings appeared in it (in this case twins)
  • The caretaker's comment about PJ is a reference to another CBBC gameshow called 'Raven'. Incidentally, Raven was cancelled the same year when this episode episode first aired (2010) which was also the same year Trapped ended.
  • This is the first appearance of the challenges Botherer Blocks, The Midnight Bride, Split Ends and Scallywag Wood.
  • Lucy is the only saboteur trapped in Botherer Blocks who sabotaged the challenge but got detected. She is also the only girl to be trapped in Botherer Blocks.
  • Kimberly is the only saboteur in Trapped Ever After on Floor 3 to escape the tower. Also, she is the last saboteur from Floor 3 and the only successful saboteur in Scallywag Wood to escape the tower.
  • In Scallywag Wood, the Voice tells Kimberly to lure the team to creatures that don't begin with 'S' which she said were the lizard, mouse, toad and cockroach. However, the Voice forgot to mention the chinchilla.