Sarah (girl) who used to be a bengal tiger

Adam (boy) is named after a popular cheese

Lauren (girl) she invented the weather

Matt (boy) he has a collection of antique furniture

Maria (girl) she is a coiled spring

Mbalwani (boy) who won the eurovision song contest 1904

Floor 6 = Body Shock

Challenge Characters : The Botherers

No. of powercuts : 3

Body complete at end : No

Challenge failed


Sarah: Matthew, because every time I looked up Matthew was more at the cage than anybody else.

Adam: Matthew, because he took time to put everything back.

Lauren: Adam, because one minute he was next to me and one minute, he wasn't.

Matt: Adam, because because I heard noises coming from where he was.

Maria: Matthew, because every time, in the blackout, I heard footsteps from his direction.

Mbalwani: Adam, because he looked a bit worried.

Adam = 3 votes, Matt = 3 votes

The Vote Is a Tie. Adam And Matt Got the Most Votes.

Matt Has Drawn the Short Straw. The Real Saboteur Was Adam.

The Saboteur Succeeded And Was Safe From the Draw Straws.

The Voice Said, "Matt, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Matt Said "Em, I just think I was at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Floor 5 = Septic Sewers

Challenge Characters = Nobody

No. of Saboteur Alerts = 5

No. of Plugs Complete = 7/12

Drain Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed


Maria: Mbalwani, because I heard noises coming from his tunnel.

Mbalwani: Maria, because she was throwing things at other people, but she blamed it on me.

Sarah: Maria, because I kept hearing wheels from her tunnel.

Adam: Maria, because she was taking her time to put the plugs in.

Lauren: Mbalwani, because every time after the blackout, there seemed to be no plugs at his end.

Maria = 3 Votes, Mbalwani = 2 Votes

Maria got the most votes, The Real Saboteur was Mbalwani

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret.

The Voice asked 'Maria, why do you think the others voted for you?'

Maria said 'Well, I think the others voted for me, because the plugs came from my side but it was Mbalwani.'

Floor 4 = Green Fingers

Challenge Character = Green Fingers

1st Go = Green Fingers Is In the Green Pot. The Team Picked Green.

2nd Go = Green Fingers Is In the Purple Pot. The Team Picked Green, Again.

3rd Go = Green Fingers Is In the White Pot. The Team Picked Purple.

4th Go = Green Fingers Is In the White Pot, Again. The Team Picked Green.

Right Guesses: (3/3)     Wrong Guesses: (1/3)

Challenge Passed.


Sarah: Adam, because he seemed to know which ones were right and which were wrong.

Adam: Sarah, because she wasn't really saying much.

Lauren: Adam, because he did seem to know which ones were good and which were bad.

Mbalwani: Sarah, because she looked a bit worried and she was not talking that much.

Sarah = 2 votes, Adam = 2 votes

The vote is a tie. Sarah and Adam has received 2 votes, each. They hopefully don’t trust Sarah and Adam. The real saboteur was Sarah.

The team passed but they can’t decide between if it's either Sarah or Adam was the saboteur.

The Voice asked 'Sarah, why do you think you failed as a Saboteur?'

Sarah said "I think I failed because I tried to make it look as if it was Adam, and I wasn't answering that many questions that they asked me."

Floor 3 = Extraction

Challenge Character = The Whinging Werewolf

Healthy Teeth = The Teeth on the top jaw

1st go : A Yellow Crack Top Jaw Tooth from the back pulled out by Lauren (A Healthy Tooth)

2nd go : A Clean White Bottom Jaw Tooth from the front pulled (A Rotten Tooth)

3rd go : A White Top Jaw tooth from the back (A Healthy Tooth)

4th go : A Clean White with cracks Top Jaw tooth from the back (A Healthy Tooth)

Right guesses : 1/3, Wrong guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


Adam: Mbalwani, because he didn't say much.

Lauren: Mbalwani, because he didn't seem to be picking any and he just kept leaving us to deal with it.

Mbalwani: Adam, because because he got all of them wrong.

Mbalwani = 2 votes, Adam = 1 vote

Mbalwani got the most votes, the real saboteur was Adam.

the saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret.

The Voice asked 'Balwani, how do you feel about being trapped?'

Mbalwani said 'I feel OK.' (whinging werewolf screams)

Floor 2 = One Way Out an There Can Only Be One Winner!

The Caretaker said "Ooh! I'm so excited. Someone get me the sprinkle pot."

Who drew the short straw on floor six?

Matt (Lauren said the correct answer by saying Matthew)

Which Unfortunate was the Saboteur twice?

Adam (Adam said the correct answer after saying 'Me')

What were on your hats in Septic Sewers?

Lights (Lauren said the correct answer)

Which Unfortunate did Green Fingers grab?

Mbalwani (Adam said Sarah)

What body part did the Botherers have at the end of the game?

Hand (Lauren said the correct answer)

Who pulled out the first tooth in Extraction?

Lauren (Adam said 'Me')

On which floor was Septic Sewers played?

Floor 5 (Lauren said nothing at all)

Who got trapped on floor three with the werewolf?

Mbalwani (Adam said the correct answer)

What colour was the hand that burst out of the pot?

Green (Lauren said the correct answer)

How many body parts completed the body on floor six?

8 (Adam said 5)

What colour are the whisper clips?

Gold (Lauren said the correct answer)


Questions given = 11

Lauren answered 5 questions correctly

Adam answered 2 questions correctly

Lauren won her freedom and Adam is trapped

The voice asked: Adam, how do you feel about being trapped?

Adam said: Not too bad cos I got this far

Lauren said: Promise to come and visit


  • This is the 1st episode when the 2 unfortunates have a draw after the challenge was succeeded, the last one being Series 3, Episode 12 (Glasgow).
  • On Floor 3, Mbalwani was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Adam and everyone else voted for him.
  • Adam is the last saboteur in Series 3 to sabotage the challenge on Floor 6 and escape the floor.

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