Episode Description Edit

This episode aired on the 19th of February 2009. The unfortunates in this episode were from Paisley.

Unfortunates Edit

  • Sarah (girl), who used to be a Bengal tiger
  • Adam (boy) is named after a popular cheese
  • Lauren (girl), she invented the weather
  • Matt (boy), he has a collection of antique furniture
  • Maria (girl), she is a coiled spring
  • Mbalwani (boy), who won the Eurovision Song Contest 1904

The Tower Edit

Floor 6 Edit

- Challenge Character: The Botherers

- Challenge: Body Shock

- Saboteur: Adam

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was safe from the draw straws.

- Voting: Matt received 3 votes. Adam received 3 votes. Matt drew the short straw.

- Trapped: Matt

- Details: 3 blackouts.

- Matt's last words: Em, I just think I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Floor 5 Edit

- Challenge Character: None

- Challenge: Septic Sewers

- Saboteur: Mbalwani

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Maria received 3 votes. Mbalwani received 2 votes.

- Trapped: Maria

- Details: 5 Saboteur alerts. 7 plugs in drain at the end.

- Maria's last words: Well, I think the others voted for me because the plugs came from my side but it was Mbalwani.

Floor 4 Edit

- Challenge Character: Green Fingers

- Challenge: Green Fingers

- Saboteur: Sarah

- Status: Challenge was passed. Saboteur was detected.

- Voting: Sarah received 2 votes. Adam received 2 votes.

- Trapped: Sarah

- Details: There was 3 correct guesses, and 1 incorrect guess. 

- Sarah's last words: I think I failed because I tried to make it look as if it was Adam, and I wasn't answering that many questions that they asked me.  

Floor 3 Edit

- Challenge Character: The Whinging Werewolf

- Challenge: Extraction

- Saboteur: Adam (again)

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Mbalwani received 2 votes. Adam received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Mbalwani

- Details: There was 1 correct guess and 3 incorrect guesses. Teeth on the top jaw were healthy.

- Mbalwani's last words: I feel OK.

Floor 2 Edit

- Details: Lauren answered 5 questions correctly. Adam answered 2 questions correctly. 11 questions were asked.

- Winner: Lauren

- Adam's last words: Not bad, cos I got this far.

- Lauren said: Promise to come and visit!


  • This is the 1st episode when the 2 unfortunates have a draw after the challenge was succeeded, the last one being Series 3, Episode 12 (Glasgow).
  • On Floor 3, Mbalwani was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Adam and everyone else voted for him.
  • Adam is the last saboteur in Series 3 to sabotage the challenge on Floor 6 and escape the floor.