Trapped! - Series 3 - Episode 428:19

Trapped! - Series 3 - Episode 4

The full episode

Ellis (boy) who lives in a baked bean can

Mollie (girl) she's addicted to snooker

Shravan (boy) who thinks fireplaces are great

Chloe (girl) who has a pet yogurt

Robbie (boy) his best friend is a cod

Lauren (girl) who is room-temperature

Floor 6 = Wall of Sorrow

Challenge Characters : Nobody

No. of blackouts : 2

Wall Complete at the End = No

Challenge failed


Ellis: Chloe, because all the bricks were knocking down was next to Chloe

Mollie: Shravan, because he wasnt talking very much and wasn't joining in

Shravan: Chloe, because there were lots of noise right from her side and she was there

Chloe: Shravan, because he kept knocking them over, because she felt them by her feet.

Robbie: Mollie, because when it was blackout and Mollie was in a different position

Lauren: Shravan, because he was closest to the blocks when she saw

Shravan : 3 votes, Chloe : 2 votes, Mollie : 1 vote

Shravan got the most votes. The real saboteur was Chloe

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret.

The Voice said "Shravan, why do you think the others voted for you"

Shravan said "I think because I wasn't really interrupting much and I wasn't saying anything!"

Floor 5 = Spooked :

Challenge Character = Miss Mutternot the Tower Librarian

Spooked Books: Purple Books or pictures that are purple on the book

The Unfortunate giving the books to Miss Mutternot: Ellis

1st go : a green book with a picture of a silver snake (Not A Spooked Book)

2nd go : a green book with a yellow scorpion (Not A Spooked Book)

3rd go : a blue book with a purple scorprion (A Spooked Book)

4th go : a purple book with a silver scorprion (A Spooked Book)

5th go : a yellow book with a blue spider (Not A Spooked Book)

Right guesses : 3/3, Wrong guesses : 2/3

Challenge Passed


Mollie: Robbie, because he was disagreeing with all of them and kept choosing that book and they thought it was a spooked book (Mrs. Mutternot scares Mollie)

Chloe: Robbie, because he was saying like "The Ribbons didn't mean anything!" So she could think it was Robbie!

Robbie: Mollie, because she wasn't doing very much

Lauren: Robbie, because he was saying red ribbons and green ribbons didn't mean anything to make us fail

Ellis: Robbie, because every single book Ellis picked up, Robbie always disagreed (Mrs. Mutternot scares Ellis)

Robbie: 4 votes, Mollie: 1 vote

Robbie got the most votes, the real saboteur was Robbie

The challenge passed and the saboteur got detected.

The Voice said "Robbie, why do think you failed as the saboteur?"

Robbie said "I was giving it away, Because I was obviously picking the purple books and they were wrong!"

Floor 4 = Two Faced Liar :

Challenge Character = Madame Deux Visage

Strange Perfume of Madame Deux Visage: Froggy Poo

Statement 1 : The titan air room flower smells like a rotting flesh when it blooms

It's TRUE, The Team said it's FALSE   

Statement 2 : An adult human has approximatley 300 bones

It's FALSE, The Team said it's TRUE

Statement 3 : The first seperate toilets for men and women were introduced at posh french party in 1739

It's TRUE, The Team said it's FALSE

Right Guesses : 0/3, Wrong Guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed

Votes :

Chloe: Lauren, because she was saying FALSE when it could have been TRUE and she was saying TRUE when it could have been FALSE!

Lauren: Ellis, because he was giving the team the wrong answers!

Ellis: Lauren, because everytime he said an answer, she always disagreed all the time!

Mollie: Lauren, because she kept giving the team the wrong answers!

Lauren : 3 votes, Ellis : 1 vote

Lauren got the most votes. The real saboteur was Lauren

Although the saboteur ruined the game she got detected.

The Voice said "Lauren, Why do you think the others voted for you?"

Lauren said "Because I was acting too suspicous!"

Floor 3 = Camp Fear

Challenge Character : The Moonhowler

No. of saboteur alerts : 4

Fire Complete At The End: No

Challenge failed


Ellis: Mollie, because all the logs were on Chloe's left hand side.

Mollie : Ellis, because she can hear him coming out of his tent.

Chloe : Ellis, because he's like heavy footed and she could hear logs plopping everywhere and him running about.

Ellis: 2 votes, Mollie: 1 vote

Ellis got the most votes. The saboteur was Ellis.

Although the saboteur ruined the game he got detected.

The Voice said "Ellis, why do think the others voted for you?"

Ellis said "I thought I failed because I am too heavy footed and I breathed too hard" (The Moonhowler comes out of Chloe's tent attempting to scare Ellis but then Ellis does a Kung Fu or a Judo pose)

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be one winner)

The Caretaker said "I'm so excited, so that someone can pass on the sprinkle pot!"

What did you fail to build with the bricks on Floor 6?

Wall of Sorrow (Mollie said the correct answer)

Who handed the books to the spooky librarian?

Ellis (Chloe said the correct answer)

What is the strange ingredient found in Madame Deux Visage's perfume?

Froggy Poo (Mollie said something with poo, oh no!)

What animal was on the last book Ellis handed to the librarian?

Spider (Chloe said the correct answer)

Who was trapped in the wall of sorrow?

Shravan (Mollie misspelt his name and said "Shuarvhan")

What color is Madame Deux Visage's hair?

White (Chloe said the correct answer)

Who was the saboteur in Camp Fear?

Ellis (Mollie said the correct answer)

Who got trapped with the spooky librarian?

Robbie (Chloe said the correct answer)

Questions Given : 8

Chloe answered 4 questions correctly

Mollie answered 2 questions correctly

Chloe won her freedom and Mollie is trapped

The voice asked: Mollie, how do you feel about being trapped?

Mollie said: Fine. I was just too slow.

Chloe said: Bye-bye, everyone!


  • On Floor 2, Mollie failed to pronounce Shravan's name correctly. Earlier on Floor 6 when it came to voting and she accused Shraven he said his name perfectly correct, it is however entirely possible she mispronounced his name due to time pressure in the last challenge.

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