Tom (Boy) Used to Be a Spanish Omelette.

Bryhanna (Girl) Is Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Elliot (Boy) Sleeps With His Eyes Open.

Olivia (Girl) She's Married to a Phone Box.

Marcel (Boy) Who Once Swallowed His Own Head.

Florence (Girl) Is a Town In Italy.

Floor 6 = Body Shock

Challenge Characters = The Botherers

No. of Blackouts = 3

Body Complete at the End = Yes

Challenge Passed!


Tom = Bryhanna Because Whenever I Moved I Could Her Her Scream When They Came Out.

Bryhanna = Elliot Because Everytime I Asked Him For Help, He Just Ignored Me.

Elliot = Florence Because She Kept Switching Places When We Opened Our Eyes.

Olivia = Florence Because She Was Always In a Different Position When We Opened Her Eyes.

Marcel = Florence Because She Was Taking Her Time.

Florence = Elliot Because 'Cos He Kept Moving Around.

Florence = 3 Votes     Elliot = 2 Votes     Bryhanna =  1 Vote

Florence Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Florence.

The Challenge Passed and the Saboteur Spotted.

The Voice Said, 'Florence, Why Do You Think the Others Voted For You?'

Florence Said = 'Because I kept Forgetting My Positions In the Blackouts.'

Floor 5 = Freaky Factory

Challenge Character = None

No. of Egg Boxes Complete = 5/5

5 Egg Boxes Complete at the End = Yes

Challenge Passed


Bryhanna = Elliot because because I saw some eggs coming out of his direction.

Elliot = Olivia Because I saw loads of Eggs Coming Out Of Her Booth.

Olivia = Elliot Because I Wasn't Throwing the Eggs, And They Were Coming From His Direction.

Marcel = Olivia Because because she had all egg splashes in front of her

Tom = Olivia because I saw loads of eggs coming from her direction.

Olivia = 3 votes, Elliot = 2 votes

Olivia got the most votes, the real saboteur was Elliot

Although the saboteur wasn’t spotted, The team passed.

The Voice Said, 'Elliot, How Do You Feel About Being Trapped?'

Elliot Said = 'Quite disappointed, and really annoyed with myself.'

Floor 4 = Green Fingers

Challenge Character = Green Fingers

1st Go: Green Fingers is in the Purple pot, The Team chose the Purple pot,

2nd Go: Green Fingers is in  the Purple pot again, The Team chose the green pot,

3rd Go: Green Fingers is in the Green pot, The Team chose the Purple pot, 

4th Go: Green Fingers is in the White pot, The Team chose the White pot,

5th Go: Green Fingers is in the Purple pot, The Team chose the Purple pot,

Right Guesses : 2/3

Wrong Guesses : 3/3

Challenge Failed


Tom = Olivia, because she told us two ones, and they were both wrong.

Bryhanna = Marcel, because he was getting everybody to agree with him.

Olivia = Marcel Because on the last hole, he was definitely sure about which hole we were going to go in.

Marcel = Olivia, because every time she said to put your hand in this one, It was always the wrong one.

Olivia = 2 Votes, Marcel = 2 Votes

The vote is a tie. Olivia and Marcel got the most votes

Olivia has drawn the short straw. The real saboteur was Bryhanna.

The saboteur succeeded and didn't get a single vote.

The Voice said "Olivia, how do you feel about being trapped?"

Olivia said "I'm gutted that I'm stuck here with the hands."

Floor 3 = Extraction

Challenge Character : The Whinging Werewolf

Healthy Teeth: The Yellow Teeth

1st go : A  Clean White Tooth with a crack (A Rotten Tooth)

2nd go : A Brownish Black tooth with a crack (A Rotten Tooth)

3rd go : A Yellow tooth with a crack (A Healthy Tooth)

4th go : A Clean White tooth (A Rotten Tooth)

Right Guesses: (3/3)     Wrong Guesses: (1/3)

Challenge Passed.


Tom = Bryhanna because she was telling people to pick the teeth.

Bryhanna = Tom, because this round he was really quiet.

Marcel = Tom, because every time he said go for this tooth, it was always the bad tooth.  

Tom = 2 Votes, Bryhanna = 1 Vote 

Tom got the most votes, the Real Saboteur was Tom

The Challenge Passed and the Saboteur Spotted.

The Voice Said, 'Tom, why do you think you failed as a Saboteur?'

Tom Said = 'I think I failed cos I was a little bit quiet and should have been more persuasive.'

Floor 2 = Fight For Freedom

The Caretaker said "Ooh! I'm so excited, I could boogy with a Botherer."

In total, how many teeth did the Beast have in Extraction?

16 (Marcel said 9)

How many minutes was Body Shock played for?'

2 (Bryhanna said the correct answer)

Name two egg colours in Freaky Factory.

(Marcel said Purple and White e.g)

What colour were the walls in Extraction?

Green (Bryhanna said Purple)

Who got trapped on Level Four?

Olivia (Marcel said the correct answer)

How many complete egg boxes were needed to pass Freaky Factory?

5 (Bryhanna said the correct answer)

How many blackouts were there in Body Shock?

3 (Marcel said the correct answer)

How many Unfortunates played Freaky Factory?

5 (Bryhanna said 4)

Who was trapped in a room with the Botherers?

Florence (Marcel said the correct answer)


Questions Given : 9

Bryhanna answered 2 questions correctly

Marcel answered 4 questions correctly

Marcel won his freedom and Bryhanna is trapped

The voice asked: Bryhanna, how do you feel about being trapped?

Bryhanna said: A bit disappointed cos I got this far and I didn't win but I'm gonna have to deal with it.

Marcel said: Yes! I did it!


  • This is the only episode of Trapped where Floor 6, 5 and 3 ever passed. Florence on Floor 6, Elliot on Floor 5 and Tom on Floor 3. Bryhanna was the only successful saboteur making the team fail Green Fingers also tying the votes (Marcel and Olivia) (Although she was close to failing to sabotage)
  • Despite being the most played Floor 5 challenge, this is Freaky Factory's only appearance in Series 3. It is also the challenge's final appearance.
  • The Caretaker's fact about Florence is arguably the most truthful fact ever made by the Caretaker (Though its not totally correct, Florence is actually a city in the Tuscany region of Italy).
  • Florence is the only saboteur to fail to sabotage a challenge on Floor 6.