Daniel (boy) has a fear of frisbees

Chloe (girl) who's a pilot. Weekends only

James (boy) he's a professsional karaoke king

Carly (girl) she's a member of the Royal Family

Jack (boy) used to be a moustache

Darcy (girl) is from London. How did she get in here?

Floor 6 = Giant Appetite :

Challenge Character = The Giant (Really the Caretaker)

No. of Saboteur Alerts = 3

Baquet Set at the End = No

Challenge Failed


Carly: Jack, because he was really slow going in and he was really slow going that side.

Jack: Carly, because I heard her run past me and she seemed to be coming out last.

Darcy: Daniel, because when the food came tumbling over our heads and it was always from his direction.

Daniel: Jack, because the first piece of food, that fell on the floor was over his head.

Chloe: Daniel, because he was like laughing all the time.

James: Jack, because I saw his foot when I was crawling out.

Jack = 3 Votes, Daniel = 2 Votes, Carly = 1 Vote

Jack got the most votes, The real saboteur was Jack.

Although the saboteur ruined the game, he got spotted!

The Voice said "Jack, Why do you think you failed as the saboteur?"

Jack said "I think I failed because the others heard me when I was running around and pushing the food off the table."

Floor 5 = Beware the Crowman

Challenge Character : The Crowman

Bad Pumpkins: Pumpkins with teeth

1st go : a big white pumpkin with an orange lid, black leaves, no eyebrows, triangle eyes, triangle nose and a curly smile with triangluar teeth picked (A pumpkin with "teeth")

2nd go : a big green pumpkin with a green lid, white leaves, no eyebrows, diamond eyes, triangle nose and a mouth with square teeth with square teeth picked (A pumpkin with "teeth")

3rd go : a small orange pumkin with a green lid, black leaves, angry line eyebrows, triangle eyes, a semicircle nose and a mouth in a horizontal line picked (Not a pumpkin with "teeth")

4th go : a small purple pumpkin with an orange lid, green leaves, no eyebrows, diamond eyes, a circle nose and a curly smile picked (Not a pumpkin with "teeth")

5th go : a big white pumpkin with an purple lid, green leaves, angry line eyebrows, diamond eyes, a circle nose and a frown picked (Not a pumpkin with "teeth")

Right guesses : 3/3, Wrong guesses : 2/3

Challenge passed


Daniel: Chloe, because We all picked the orange ones apart from Chloe and she was trying to change our minds.

Chloe: Daniel, because he was disagreeing with us about what one to go with.

James: Chloe, because she was always disagreeing, especially on the last one when we were all right.

Carly: Chloe, because she only agreed with us when it was a wrong pumpkin and she didn't agree with the right ones, so it sounded a bit fishy.

Darcy: Chloe, because at the beginning she was really quiet, but in the end when we made a decision she disagreed completely.

Chloe = 4 votes, Daniel = 1 vote

Chloe got the most votes. The real saboteur was Chloe.

The challenge passed and the saboteur spotted.

The Voice said "Chloe, How do you feel about being trapped?"

Chloe said "It's quite scary because of the Crowman!"

Floor 4 = Snake Attack

Challenge Character : The Child Eating Python

Unfortunate putting the hand in the holes : James

1st go : The snake is in the top. The team picked top

2nd go : The snake is in the top, again. The team picked top, again

3rd go : The snake is in the middle. The team picked bottom

4th go : The snake is in the top. The team picked middle

5th go : The snake is in the bottom. The team picked top

Right Guesses : (3/3)     Wrong Guesses : (2/3)

Challenge passed


James: Darcy, because at the last one, she disagreed when we got it right.

Carly: Daniel, because he just didn't seem right. 

Darcy: Daniel, because at the beginning, he just agreed with all the things we did and the decisions we made were wrong. At the end, he just didn't say anything.

Daniel: Darcy, because she was quiet the whole way through and at the very end, she didn't seem happy when we passed.

Daniel = 2 Votes, Darcy = 2 Votes

The vote is a tie. Daniel and Darcy has received 2 votes, each. They hopefully don’t trust Daniel and Darcy. The real saboteur was Darcy.

The team passed, but they can’t decide between if it's either Daniel or Darcy was the saboteur.

The Voice said "Darcy, why do you think you failed as a Saboteur?"

Darcy said "I thought I was really convincing up to the last hole when I just mucked it up."

Floor 3 = Forbidden Chambers

Challenge Characters : Nobody

No. Crate Towers at the matching rooms finished: 1 (the green crate tower is complete at the green room)

2 or more matching colored crates in the matching rooms at the end : No

Challenge failed


Carly: James, because he kept on not moving. I just didn't know what to do and I kept on getting confused.

James: Carly, because she wasn't doing a lot of shouting.

Daniel: James, because near the end, he was being so slow. He was trying to get in the orange room, saying there was someone in it, but no-one was there.

James = 2 Votes, Carly = 1 Vote

James got the most votes. The real saboteur was Carly.

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret.

The Voice said "James, why do you think the others voted for you?"

James said "I think the others voted for me because, em... I was trapped in the rooms all the time and I couldn't get in and out."

Floor 2 = One Way Out and There can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker said "Oh, I'm so excited a little bit of sick came up."

Who was trapped with the Crowman?

Chloe (Carly said the correct answr)

Who were you setting the table for on Floor Six?

The Giant (Daniel said the correct answer)

How many pumpkins did you blow out on Floor Five?

5 (Carly said the correct answer)

Name an Unfortunate who didn't make it to Floor Three.

(Daniel said Jack e.g.)

What was the colour of the Crowman's hat?

Purple (Carly said Blue)

What was on top of the Giant's cupcakes?

a cherry (Daniel said the correct answer)

Name a room colour in Forbidden Chambers.

(Carly said orange e.g.)

On Floor Three, how many different colours could you move at once?

One (Daniel said the correct answer)

What colour was the snake's venom?

Black (Carly said the correct answer)

How many statues were in the room with the Giant's table?

2 (Daniel said the correct answer)

What was the colour of the last pumpkin you chose?

Orange (Carly said the correct answer)

Which Unfortunate got trapped with Giant food?

Jack (Daniel said the correct answer)

Questions Given: 12

Daniel answered 6 questions correctly

Carly answered 5 questions correctly

Daniel won his freedom and Carly is trapped!

The voice asked: Carly, how do you feel about being trapped?

Carly said: I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm glad I got this far.

Daniel said: See you later, Caretaker.


  • This is the last episode when the 2 unfortunates have a draw after the challenge was succeeded, the first one being Series 3, Episode 8 (Paisley).
  • On Floor 3, James was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Carly and everyone else voted for him.
  • Daniel is the only escaped unfortunate who answered 6 questions correctly in the Fight for Freedom, the highest number in the show.
  • Additionally, Carly has answered the most amount of questions correctly of any unfortunate who has lost One Way Out with 5.
  • James is the only boy to be trapped in Forbidden Chambers.
  • This episode has the last appearances of Giant Appetite, Beware the Crowman and Snake Attack.
  • This is one of two times in Forbidden Chambers when a tower of boxes was completed despite the challenge being sabotaged (green room). The other time was in Series 3 Episode 13.
  • After Jack gets trapped, the Caretaker says hopefully the next saboteur will be more crafty than him. Ironically, the next saboteur (Chloe) failed to sabotage the challenge & was detected by the rest of the unfortunates.