Joseph (boy) who's a Victorian chimney sweep

Taela (girl) who's thoroughly water-proof

Jonah (boy) is a loose cannon

Rhianna (girl) who won the World Cup in 1966

Alex (boy) who needs to be back in time for his tea

Elvira (girl) who invented sneezing in 1953

Floor 6 = Body Shock

Challenge Character = The Botherers

No. of Blackouts = 3

Body Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed.


Joseph = Elvira, because when the blackout ended, she was always by the things that had been moved.

Taela = Joseph, because I could hear his footsteps at the side of me.

Jonah = Joseph, because he was always near the cage when the blackout ended.

Rhianna = Jonah, because I could hear his feet moving right next to me.

Alex =  Joseph, because he was always by the cage when the blackout ended.

Elvira = Joseph, because he didn't bother to pick up pieces of the people in the cage.

Joseph = 4 Votes    Elvira = 1 Vote     Jonah = 1 Vote

Joseph has got the most votes, The Real Saboteur Was Joseph.

Although the saboteur ruined the game, He got spotted.

The Voice asked "Joseph, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Joseph's Last Words = Cos everyone could hear me creeping over there to get the Botherers out.

Floor 5 = Freaky Factory

Challenge Character = None

No. of Boxes Complete = 5/5

At Least 5 Boxes Complete = Yes

Challenge Passed.


Jonah = Alex because I saw eggs flying across me, but not from next to me, from further away!

Rhianna = Alex because the eggs being thrown were coming from his direction.

Alex = Elvira because I saw eggs flying past and landing in front of my booth.

Elvira = Alex because most of the eggs are in front of him and they came from his direction.

Taela = Alex because I could see lots of eggs coming from his booth, over to mine.

Alex = 4 Votes     Elvira = 1 Vote

Alex Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Alex.

The Challenge Passed and The Saboteur got Spotted!

The Voice asked "Alex, Why did you think you failed as a saboteur?"

Alex's Last Words = Because most of the eggs I threw landed in front of my booth.

Floor 4 = Green Fingers

Challenge Character = Green Fingers

1st Go = Green Fingers Is In the Green Pot. The Team Picked White.

2nd Go = Green Fingers Is In the Purple Pot. The Team Picked Purple.

3rd Go = Green Fingers Is In the White Pot. The Team Picked Green.

4th Go = Green Fingers Is In the Green Pot. The Team Picked Green, Again.

5th Go = Green Fingers Is In the White Pot. The Team Picked White.

Right Guesses: (2/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed.


Elvira = Jonah, because he didn't take part much and he didn't really say which one to choose.

Taela = Elvira, because she was being really bossy.

Jonah = Elvira, because she was being quite bossy and telling us what to do.

Rhianna = Jonah, because he wouldn't put his hand in the pot, so I think he knows which ones were bad and which ones were good.

Elvira: 2 votes Jonah: 2 votes

The Vote is a Tie. Elvira and Jonah Got the Most Votes.

Elvira Has Drawn the Short Straw. The Real Saboteur Was Elvira.

The Saboteur Succeeded, but the draw straws had spoken.

The Voice asked "Elvira, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Elvira's Last Words = Because I didn't choose to put my hand in.

Floor 3 = Extraction

Challenge Character = The Whinging Werewolf

Healthy Teeth = Teeth With Cracks

1st Go = A White Tooth At the Bottom Jaw, With no Cracks, And Two Points (A Healthy Tooth)

2nd Go = A Yellow Tooth At the Bottom Jaw, With no Cracks and One Point (A Rotten Tooth)

3rd Go = A White Tooth At the Top Jaw, With no Cracks and Two Points (A Rotten Tooth)

4th Go = A Black Tooth With At the Bottom Jaw With No Cracks And One Point (A Healthy Tooth)

5th Go = A Yellow Tooth At the Top Jaw, With Cracks And Two Points (A Healthy Tooth)

Right Guesses: (2/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed.


Rhianna: Jonah, because he wasn't joining in and he didn't want to pull out any teeth.

Taela: Jonah, because, when he was joining in, the teeth were bad.

Jonah: Taela, because, when we pulled out the last tooth, it was bad and she told us to pull that one out.

Jonah = 2 Votes     Taela = 1 Vote

Jonah got the Most votes the real saboteur was Rhianna

The Saboteur Succeeded And Didn't Get a single vote.

The Voice asked "Jonah, how do you feel about being trapped?"

Jonah's Last Words =  I'm really gutted that I got trapped because it wasn't actually me who was the Saboteur.

Floor 2 = One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker said "I'm so excited, I could whack a Womble!"

Who drew the short straw in the game Green Fingers?

Elvira (Taela said the correct answer)

Who was voted the Saboteur in Body Shock?

Joseph (Rhianna said the correct answer)

What was the name of the game on the third floor?

Extraction (Taela said nothing at all)

Who screamed when the Botherers were released from the cage?

Taela (Rhianna said the correct answer)

Who didn't put their hand in a pot in Green Fingers?

Jonah (Taela said the correct answer)

Name one egg-box colour in Freaky Factory.

(Rhianna said white e.g)

Who found Green Fingers twice on the fourth floor?

Rhianna (Taela said the correct answer)

Who was the Saboteur in Extraction? 

Rhianna (Rhianna said the correct answer after saying 'Me')

Questions Given: 8

Rhianna answered 4 questions correctly.

Taela answered 3 questions correctly

Rhianna won her freedom and Taela is Trapped!

The voice asked: Taela, how do you feel about being trapped?

Taela said: I feel OK, cos I've got this far.

Rhianna said: Bye! I'm free!


  • This is the last episode when the voice says "You Failed Miserably to sabotage the challenge!" to a failed saboteur after the saboteur has been revealed, although the voice said it for one more time in Series 3, Episode 6 (Gateshead). From now on she will use just "failed to sabotage the challenge" to a failed saboteur
  • Birmingham was previously visited in Series 1 episode 5
  • Rhianna is the only successful saboteur from Extraction to escape the tower.

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