Nyree (Girl) Who wishes she could fly away.

James (Boy) Who used to have a job as a lunchbox

Em (Girl) Who speaks fluent sheep

Necho (Boy) He's a retired biscuit designer

Emy (Girl) Who's boyfriend is a wheelie bin

Kyle (Boy) Who once fell off a penguin

Floor 6 = Poison Harvest

Challenge Character = Nobody

No. of Baskets Contaminated = 3 (In Em, Emy and Necho's Baskets).

Made sure there werent any poisoned purple berrries in the baskets: No 

More than Two Baskets Contaminated With Purple Berries = Yes

Challenge Failed


Nyree: Kyle, because he didn't really interact with the other group members.

James: Kyle, because he wasn't interacting with us, and he put large amounts of berries in our baskets.

Em: Emy, because I saw her put a purple berry in my basket, and she looked really pleased when there were lots of purple berries in the basket.

Necho: Kyle, because He never interacted with us and he was putting berries in our basket.

Emy: Necho, because I saw him put a purple berry in Em's basket.

Kyle: Necho, because I saw him put a purple berry in his basket as well, so, I'm pretty sure it was Necho.

Kyle: 3 votes, Necho: 2 votes and Emy: 1 vote

Kyle got the most votes, the real saboteur was Kyle.

Although the Saboteur Ruined The Game, He Got Detcted.

The Voice Said, 'Kyle, Why Do You Think You Failed As the Saboteur?'

Kyle said 'Because I didn't interact with my team mates properly, so they probably knew I was the Saboteur'

Floor 5 = Septic Sewers

Challenge Characters = Nobody

No. of Saboteur Alerts = 3

No. of Plugs Complete = 9/12

Drain Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed


Nyree: James. I could hear like someone ferrying the plugs at my end, and it sounded like the one next to me, which was James.

James: Nyree, she took quite long to put the plugs in the drain.

Em: James because I could hear him when it was blackout, and I could hear him moving to try and get to the sewage.

Necho: Nyree, because she had a direct shot at my sewage pipe, and there was loads of bolts near my drain.

Emy: James, because he looked really worried when he came out.

James: 3 votes, Nyree: 2 votes

James got the most votes, the real saboteur was James

Although the saboteur ruined the game, He got detected

The Voice Said = 'James, Why do you Think the Others Voted For You?'

James Said = 'I failed because I threw the plugs too far and made too much noise.'

Floor 4 = Snake Attack

Challenge Character = The Child-Eating Python

Unfortunate Putting Their Hands Into the Holes = Em


1st Go = The Snake Is In the Bottom. The Team Picked Top.

2nd Go = The Snake Is In the Bottom Again. The Team Picked Bottom.

3rd Go = The Snake Is In the Top. The Team Picked Top.

4th Go = The Snake Is In the Middle. The Team Picked Middle.

Right Guesses: (1/3)    Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed


Nyree: Necho, because he was the more commanding one, and he always told everyone what to do and where to put it.

Em: Emy, because she kept saying "Oh, Nyree can have a go," and she was over-dramatic when we got it wrong.

Necho: Emy, because she always told us the wrong ones and she always said, like, "let Nyree have a go," when we got it wrong.

Emy: Necho, because Nyree had done the last one and she had got it incorrect, and so I think it was Necho because he took mine quite a lot.

Emy: 2 votes, Necho: 2 votes

The Vote Is A Tie. Emy and Necho Have the Most Votes.

Emy Has Drawn the Short Straw. The Real Saboteur Was Emy.

The Saboteur Succeeded, but the draw straws had spoken.

The Voice asked 'Emy, how do you feel about being trapped?'

Emy said "I'm just glad that everyone else got through."

Floor 3 = The One-Eyed Watcher

Challenge Character = The One-Eyed Watcher

1st Go = The Eyeball Is Under Cup Number 3. The Team Picked Cup Number 1.

2nd Go = The Eyeball Is Under Cup Number 2. The Team Picked Cup Number 1.

3rd Go = The Eyeball Is Under Cup Number 2, Again. The Team Picked Cup Number 1 Again.

Right Guesses: (0/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed.


Nyree: Necho, because he always kept going for number one,  and he kept saying that it was definite, so we believed him and picked number one, which was wrong.

Em: Necho, because, on the last one, he was quick and he kept saying, "Oh, it's number one, definitely", and that's why I think it's him. 

Necho: Nyree, because she kept going against our first and second choices.

Necho: 2 votes, Nyree: 1 vote

Necho got the most votes, the real saboteur was Nyree

The Saboteur Succeeded And Kept Her Identity Secret.

The Voice said 'Necho, how do you feel about being trapped?'

Necho said 'I'm a bit gutted, but I'll keep warm in the tent!'

Floor 2 = One way out and there can only be one winner

The Caretaker said "I'm so excited, I could tickle a turkey!"

On Floor Four, how many snakes were in the wall?

One (Em said the correct answer)

Who got trapped in Septic Sewers?

James (Nyree said the correct answer)

Who got three votes in Poisoned Harvest?

Kyle (Em said the correct answer)

What was the name of the game on the Fourth Floor?

Snake Attack (Nyree said the correct anser)

How many rings were found on the One-Eyed Watcher's hand?

7 (Em said 4)

What colour was found in the drain in Septic Sewers?

Green (Nyree said White)

How many bales of straw were there in the One-Eyed Watcher's tent?

Four (Em said Three)

How many times did you find the eye?

No times (Nyree said the correct answer)

How many cups did the One-Eyed Watcher use?

Three (Em said the correct answer)

Who drew the short straw on Floor Four?

Emy (Nyree said the correct answer)


Questions Given: 10

Nyree answered 4 Questions Correctly

Em answered 3 Qustions Correctly

Nyree Won her freedom and Em is Trapped!

The voice asked: Em, how do you feel about being trapped?

Em said: I'm OK about it, because Nyree gets to go free, and I had a really good time, so it's OK.

Nyree said: So long, Unfortunates!


  • On Floor 3, Necho was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Nyree and everyone else (Nyree and Em) voted for Necho.

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