Jasmine (Girl) She's A Secret Frog Smuggler.

Hayden (Boy) Is A Retired Bank Manager.

Savanna (Girl) Is A Mystery.

Lewis (Boy) Was Rescued By Squirrels in 1892.

Natasha (Girl) Is Addicted to Cartwheels.

Andrew (Boy) Is From London. How Did He Get In There?

Floor 6 = Goblet of Ice

Challenge Character = None

No. of Times Slipped = 5 (All By Hayden)

Goblet Full at the End = No

Challenge Failed.


Jasmine = Hayden Because Everytime I Looked at Him, He Began to Wobble.

Hayden = Lewis Because When I Looked at Him, He Wasn't Getting Much Snow in the Bowl.

Savanna = Hayden Because He Put His Foot Down.

Lewis = Hayden Because He Did Put His Foot Down, Or Nearly Put His Foot Down.

Natasha = Hayden Because I Saw Him Put His Foot Down.

Andrew = Hayden Because I Saw Him Put His Foot Down.

Hayden = 5 Votes     Lewis = 1 Vote

Hayden Got the Most Votes. The real Saboteur Was Hayden.

The Saboteur Ruined the Game But Got Spotted

The Voice asked "Hayden, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Hayden said "Because I wasn't really sneaky with putting my foot down on the floor."

Floor 5 = Fairy Trails

Challenge Characters = The Fairies

The Characteristic that Bad Fairies have: Red Hair

The Unfortunate Putting the Fairy Traps into the Exterminator: Savanna

The Unfortunate In Charge of the Lever: Natasha

1st go: A Fairy With short black Hair, dark African Skin, blue gloves and no eyeshadow (A Good Fairy). The Team Released the Good long Brown haired Fairy

2nd go: A fairy with short red Hair, white skin no gloves and transparent eyeshadow (A Bad Fairy with Short Red Hair), The Team blew up the bad short red haired fairy

3rd go: A fairy with long red hair, white skin, blue gloves and transparent eyeshadow  (A Bad Fairy with Short Red Hair), The Team released the bad short red haired fairy

4th go:  A fairy with short black hair, dark African skin no gloves and no eyeshadow (A Good Fairy), The Team released the the lucky good long different coloured hair fairy

Right Guesses: (3/3)     Wrong Guesses: (1/3)

Challenge passed


Savanna: Andrew, because he kept getting in first and didn't let anybody have a chance.

Lewis: Andrew, because he kept on butting in before anybody else.

Natasha: Andrew because he kept talking first before anyone else

Andrew: Lewis because he wasn't saying anything and he was just agreeing with us so I think it was Lewis.

Jasmine: Andrew because when he didn't agree, he was a bit nervous.

Andrew = 4 votes, Lewis = 1 vote

Andrew got the most votes. The saboteur was Natasha

Although the saboteur wasn't spotted. The team passed

The Voice asked "Natasha, how do you feel about being trapped?"

Natasha said "I don't really mind because I've got the fairies to accompany me."

Floor 4= Two Faced Liar

Challenge Character = Madame Deux Visage

Statement 1 = Maggot cheese is a cheese from Sardinia with live maggots in it.

It's TRUE, The Team said it's FALSE  

Statement 2 = The stinky smells bringed by a skunk can be smelled up to 2.5km away.

It's TRUE, The Team said it's TRUE

Statement 3 = Claude Monet was a famous military leader in the 19th century.

It's FALSE, The Team said it's TRUE

Statement 4 =  The planet Mars is bigger than Earth

It's FALSE, The Team said it's TRUE

Right Guesses : (1/3)     Wrong Guesses : (3/3)

Challenge failed

Votes :

Jasmine: Lewis because he was very quiet and really he didn't have an answer.

Savanna: Jasmine because everything everybody said, she disagreed with it. So I think it was Jasmine.

Lewis: Andrew because he kept changing his answers.

Andrew: Lewis because he kept agreeing with us so he knew the answers were wrong.

Lewis = 2 votes, Jasmine = 1 vote, Andrew = 1 vote

Lewis got the most votes, the real saboteur was Jasmine

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret

The Voice asked "Lewis, why did you think the others voted for you?"

Lewis said "Well, I knew the right answers but they kept making me change my mind."

Floor 3 = Forbidden Chambers

Challenge Characters : Nobody

No. Crate Towers at the matching rooms finished: none

2 or more matching colored crates in the matching rooms at the end : No

Challenge failed


Andrew: Jasmine, because every time I was in a room she was constantly blocking me off.

Savanna: Jasmine, because every time me and Andrew was talking to each other, She never talked back

Jasmine: Andrew because he never really talks that much and every time I said I was trapped in a room, he wouldn't move.

Jasmine = 2 votes, Andrew= 1 vote

Jasmine got the most votes, the real saboteur was Andrew

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret.

The Voice asked "Jasmine, how do you feel about being trapped?"

Jasmine said "I feel down - I may have got away with being the Saboteur last time, but this time they thought it was me."

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be one winner)

The Caretaker said "I'm so excited I could lay a vulture egg."

What were you filling the goblet with on floor six?

Snow (Andrew said the correct answer)

Who was trapped with the fairies?

Natasha (Savanna said the correct answer)

How many mirrors on Madame Deux-Visage's dressing-table?

Eight (Andrew said Two)

How many doors were there in Forbidden Chambers?

Four (Savanna said the correct answer)

What was the name of the game all six Unfortunates played?

Goblet of Ice (Andrew said the correct answer)

How many fairies did you release?

Three (Savanna said Two)

How many Unfortunates played Fairy Trials?

Five (Andrew said the correct answer after getting a bit mixed up when he found the right answer)

What was the number on the wall in the Goblet of Ice?

Six (Savanna said the correct answer)

Name a crate colour in Forbidden Chambers?

(Andrew said purple e.g.)

Which game was played on the fifth floor?

Fairy Trails (Savanna said nothing at all)


Questions Given : 10

Andrew answered 4 questions correctly

Savanna answered 3 questions correctly

Andrew won his freedom and Savanna is Trapped!

The voice asked: Savanna, how do you feel about being trapped?

Savanna said: I feel very disappointed, but I'm glad I came this far.

Andrew said: Yes, I'm free!


  • On Floor 3, Jasmine was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Andrew and everyone else (Andrew and Savanna) voted for her.
  • First appearance of Fairy Trials (a challenge which was mentioned earlier in a Caretakers gag) and Forbidden Chambers which only has one appearance in this series, but returns next series as a more frequently played challenge.
  • Andrew is the only saboteur in Forbidden Chambers to escape the tower.

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