• Georgia (Girl) Who Thinks Sprouts Are Overrated
  • Camille (Boy) Who Used to Have a Job As a Duck?
  • Andrew (Boy) He Has a Seaside Villa In Nice
  • Ellie (Girl) Who Is Choosy About Her Hairstyles
  • Jessica (Girl) Is Partial to a Slice of Quiche.
  • Zachary (Boy) Who Is Engaged, Please Leave A Message BEEP! (NOTE: Everyone Refers to Him as Zach, Despite His Tag Showing Zachary)

Floor 6: Goblet of IceEdit

Challenge Character = None

No. Times Tipped = 5 (All By Ellie)

Goblet Full at the End = No

Challenge Failed.


Georgia = Andrew Because I Saw Him Step Down A Couple of Times From the Ice Blocks.

Camille = Andrew Because Whenever I Looked, Andrew Was the Only One Moving.

Ellie = Zach Because I Saw Him Put His Foot On the Floor a Couple of Times.

Andrew = Also Thinks It Was Zach Because He Put His Foot On the Ice a Couple of Times.

Jessica = Zach As well Because I Could See Him Put His Foot Down A Couple of Times.

Zachary = Ellie Because I Saw Her Put Her Foot Down All the Time.

Zachary = 3 Votes     Andrew = 2 Votes     Ellie = 1 Vote

Zachary Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Ellie.

The Saboteur Succeeded And Kept Her Identity Secret.

The Voice Said, 'Zach, How Do You Feel About Being Trapped?'

Zachary Said = 'I'm a Bit Upset But It Was Fun While It Lasted.'

Floor 5: Fairy TrialsEdit

Challenge Character = The Fairies

Characteristic the Bad Fairies Have = Blue Flowers (ERROR!: Whilst Telling Georgia She Was the Saboteur, the Voice Accidentally Told Her that the Bad Fairies Had 'Red Hair' This Was A Mistake, As she Later Says that All Fairies With Blue Flowers Are Bad. Red Haired Fairies were bad in the fourth episode of Series 2)

Unfortunate Putting the Fairy Traps Into the Exterminator = Jessica

Unfortunate In Charge of the Lever = Andrew

1st Go = A Dark Skinned Fairy, With Long White Hair, No Gloves, An Angry Face And a Blue Flower (A Bad Fairy)

The Team Blew Up the Bad Fairy.

2nd Go = A White Skinned Fairy, With Long Black Hair, Red Gloves, A Happy Face And a Red Flower (A Good Fairy)

The Team Released the Good Fairy.

3rd Go = A White Skinned Fairy, With Short Red Hair, No Gloves, A Happy Face And a Blue Flower (A Bad Fairy)

The Team Blew Up the Bad Fairy.

Right Guesses = (3/3)     Wrong Guesses = (0/3)

Challenge Passed.


Georgia = Jessica Because When the Fairy Came Up She Was the First One to Say Whether It Was Good Or Bad.

Camille = Georgia Because On Two Fairies, She Guessed Them Wrong.

Ellie = Georgia Because She Said One Thing, And then She Said the Opposite.

Andrew = Georgia Because She Was Always the First One With An Answer.

Jessica = Georgia Because She Kept Disagreeing With the Team.

Georgia = 4 Votes     Jessica = 1 Vote

Georgia Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Georgia.

The Challenge Passed And the Saboteur Spotted.

The Voice Said, 'Georgia, How Do You Feel About Being Trapped?'

Georgia Said = 'I Don't Mind, Because At the Start, I Had a Funny Feeling That I Was Going to Be Trapped.'

Floor 4: Two-Faced LiarEdit

Challenge Character = Madame Deux Visage

1st Statement: A Dog's Sense of Smell Is Ten Times More Sensitive Than a Human's.

It's FALSE. The Team Said TRUE.

2nd Statement: Horses Cannot Vomit

It's TRUE. The Team Said TRUE.

3rd Statement: Some Turtles Can Breathe Through Their Bottoms.

It's TRUE. The Team Said FALSE.

4th Statement: A Python Can Eat An Entire Sheep Without Swallowing It.

It's TRUE. The Team Said FALSE.

Right Guesses = (1/3)     Wrong Guesses = (3/3)

Challenge Failed.


Ellie = Jessica Because She Didn't Say Anything.

Andrew = Jessica Because She Didn't Anything During the Game And She Kept Agreeing With Our Answers.

Jessica = Andrew Because He Got A Couple Wrong.

Camille = Andrew Because He Kept Agreeing With the Wrong Answers.

Andrew = 2 Votes     Jessica = 2 Votes

The Vote Is a Tie. Jessica And Andrew Got the Most Votes.

Jessica Has Drawn the Short Straw. The Real Saboteur Was Andrew.

The Saboteur Succeeded And Was Safe From the Draw Straws.

The Voice Said, 'Jessica, Why Do You Think the Others Voted For You?'

Jessica Said = 'Because I Wasn't Saying Very Much'

Floor 3: Camp FearEdit

Challenge Character = The Moon Howler

No. of Saboteur Alerts = 4

Fire Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed.


Ellie = Andrew Because He Kept Throwing the Logs About.

Andrew = Ellie Because She Kept Pulling the Logs Off And Not Trying to Build the Fire.

Camille = Ellie Because When the Logs Were In Place, She Kept Pulling Them Off.

Ellie = 2 Votes     Andrew = 1 Vote

Ellie Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Ellie.

Although the Saboteur Ruined The Game She Got Detected.

The Voice Said, 'Ellie, Why Do You Think You Failed As the Saboteur?'

Ellie Said = 'Because I Was A Bit Obvious In Pulling the Logs Off at the End.'

Floor 2: One Way Out and There Can Only Be One WinnerEdit

The Caretaker Said = 'I'm so Excited, I Could Jive With a Jub-Jub'

Which Unfortunate Was the Saboteur On the Floor 4?

Andrew (Andrew Said Ellie)

Who Put the Fairy Traps Into the Machine?

Jessica (Camille Said the Correct Answer)

On Floor 3, How Many Logs Did You Need to Complete the Fire?

Nine (Andrew Said the Correct Answer)

On Which Floor Did Andrew and Jessica draw straws?

Floor Four (Camille Said Five)

What Was the Number on the Wall In Camp Fear?

Three (Andrew Said Two)

What Was the Name of the Beast on Floor 3?

Moonhowler (Camille Said the Wolfhowler)

What game was on Floor 6?

Goblet of Ice (Andrew Said Nothing at All)

How Many Trapdoors Are There In the Tower?

5 (Camille Said the Correct Answer)

What Was Above Madame Deux Visage's Head?

A Chandelier (Andrew Said a Mirror)


Questions Given : 9

Camille answered 2 questions correctly

Andrew answered 1 question correctly

Camille Has Won His Freedom And Andrew Is Trapped!

The voice asked: Andrew, how do you feel about being trapped?

Andrew said: I feel very disappointed that I'm stuck here for the rest of my life.

Camille said: See you in a hundred years!


  • Although his name tag reads "Zachary", Zachary is referred to by the unfortunates, the Caretaker and even the Voice, as 'Zach'.
  • Whilst telling Georgia she was the saboteur, the Voice accidentaly told her that the bad fairies had 'Red Hair' this was a mistake, as she later says that all fairies with blue flowers are bad. All the fairies with red hair were bad in Series 2, Episode 4 (Castleford).
  • Newcastle was previously visited in Series 1 episode 10
  • This is one of five episodes where all of the girls are trapped before Floor 2. The other episodes include Series 1 Episode 7, Series 3 Episode 1, Series 3 Episode 5 and Series 3 Episode 10.
  • The question about turtles breathing through their bottoms was also used in Raven for the challenge Demon Square.
  • Wiley Sneak celebrates his birthday in this episode, assuming the episode takes place on the same date it was first aired, this means Wiley Sneak's birth date is September 25th.
  • Camille does not receive any votes as Saboteur on every floor. Other winning Unfortunates to share this trait include Rhianna (Series 2, Episode 9 (Birmingham)), Rhiannon (Series 2, Episode 11 (Bristol)), Rhea (Series 4, Episode 6 (Bootle)) and Juliette (Series 4, Episode 13 (Bolton)).