• Ben (boy) he likes to eat other people's toenails
  • Bethan (girl) she likes to make sculptures out of dried snot
  • Adam (boy) he's friends with the baboons in the zoo
  • Libby (girl) The Welsh Yodelling Champion
  • Rhys (boy) whenever he walks past a postbox, he howls like a wolf {howl}
  • Rhiannon (girl) she can sneeze in Morse code

Floor 6: Toxic Treats

Challenge Character = Nobody

Toxic Presents = Presents With the Colour Green On Them

1st Go = A Green and White Striped Rectangular Present (A Toxic Present).

2nd Go = A Square, Black Present With A Purple Ribbon (Not a Toxic Present).

3rd Go = A Square, White Present With Purple Squares (Not a Toxic Present).

4th Go = A Square Green Present With a White Ribbon (A Toxic Present).

5th Go = A Green Rectangular Present With a Black Ribbon (A Toxic Present).

Right Guesess: (2/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed.


Ben: Libby, because she's tried to direct everyone.

Bethan: Rhys, because everyone seems to be following him and he was saying what box to go in.

Adam: Rhys because every time we chose a different box, he said "No, choose another one."

Libby: Rhys, because If we said one box, he'd say, "No, I want to do this one."

Rhys: Adam because he thought of the top ones.

Rhiannon: Rhys cos when I went to pick one, he said to pick the other and it was wrong.

Rhys = 4 votes     Libby = 1 Vote     Adam = 1 Vote    

Rhys got the most votes, the real saboteur was Ben.

The Saboteur Succeeded And Didn't Get a Single Vote.

The Voice Said "Rhys, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Rhys Said "Cos I was directing them to each box and I knew it was an unlucky one."

Floor 5: Freaky Factory

Challenge Character = Nobody

No. of Egg Boxes Complete = 3/5

5 Egg Boxes Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed.


Bethan: Rhiannon because someone smashed an egg against my light and it came from that way so I thought it might be Rhiannon.

Adam: Bethan because when all the eggs come through my way, they were all perfectly fine, most of them were half filled.

Libby: Rhiannon cos when she passed them through, there was only one or two eggs in them.

Rhiannon: Libby because someone threw an egg over at me and I think it was her.

Ben: It might have been Rhiannon because I heard an egg crack.

Rhiannon = 3 Votes     Libby = 1 Vote      Bethan = 1 Vote

Rhiannon got the most votes, The real saboteur was Bethan.

The Saboteur Succeeded and Kept Her Identity Secret.

The Voice Said "Rhiannon, how do you feel about being trapped?"

Rhiannon Said "I'm a bit disappointed because I really wanted to win."

Floor 4: Snake Attack

Challenge Character = The Child-Eating Python

Unfortunate Putting Their Hands Into the Hole = Libby

1st Go =The Snake Is In the Top. The Team Picked Middle.

2nd Go = The Snake Is In the Top, Again. The Team Picked Top.

3rd Go =The Snake Is In the Middle. The Team Picked Bottom.

4th Go = The Snake Is in the Bottom. The Team Picked Top.

Right Guesses: (3/3)     Wrong Guesses: (1/3)

Challenge Passed.


Adam: Ben, because he was the one recommending all the normal holes and Libby almost went in all of them.

Libby: Ben because he suggested a hole and I got bit the first time.

Ben: Adam because he told us to go in one hole and Libby went into it and then she got bit.

Bethan: Ben because he picked two good ones and then three bad ones.

Ben = 3 Votes      Adam = 1 Vote

Ben got the most votes, The real saboteur was Libby.

Although the saboteur wasn’t spotted, The team passed.

The Voice Said, "Libby, Why Do You Failed As The Saboteur?"

Libby Said "I was a bit nervous and I knew I was going to get bitten. Bit disappointed but... I don't mind."

Floor 3: Poisoned Banquet

Challenge Character = Nobody but a Head

1st Go = The Green Cake Is Poisoned. The Team Picked the Red Cake.

2nd Go = The Red Cake Is Poisoned. The Team Picked the Red Cake. 

3rd Go = The White Cake is Poisoned. The Team Picked the White Cake.

4th Go = The Orange Cake is Poisoned. The Team Picked the Green Cake.

5th Go = The Blue Cake is Poisoned. The Team Picked the Orange Cake. 

Right Guesses: (3/3)     Wrong Guesses: (2/3)

Challenge Passed.


Ben: Bethan because she tried to make us eat a poisoned one.

Bethan: Ben because he just seemed to go for the one that he liked and he really didn't let us have a choice.

Adam: Ben because every time I chose one, he disagreed and went for a different one.

Ben = 2 Votes       Bethan = 1 Vote

Ben got the most votes, The real saboteur was Ben.

The Challenge Passed and The Saboteur Spotted!

The Voice Said "Ben, why do you think you failed as the Saboteur?"

Ben Said "I reckon because on the first round I just chose what I wanted and didn't let the others choose."

Floor 2: One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker Said, "Wait 'I'm So Excited, I Could ogle and otter!"

How many egg boxes did the Unfortunates correctly pack in Freaky Factory?

3 (Bethan said the correct answer)

What colour was the wall in Snake Attack?

Grey (Adam said Black)

Who got the most votes in Toxic Treats?

Rhys (Bethan said the correct answer)

What were the decorations on the Christmas trees in Toxic Treats?

Baubles (Adam said the correct answer)

Spell "Saboteur"

S-A-B-O-T-E-U-R. (Bethan said S-A-B-U-T-U-R-E)

How many Unfortunates played Snake Attack?

4 (Adam said the correct answer)

What statues were either side of the wall in Snake Attack?

Gargoyles (Bethan said heads)

Name two of the colours on the wrapping paper in Toxic Treats.

(Adam said White and Black e.g.)

How many votes did Rhys get in Toxic Treats?

4 (Bethan said nothing at all)


Questions Given = 9

Bethan answered 2 questions correctly

Adam answered 3 questions correctly

Adam won his freedom and Bethan is trapped!

The voice asked: Bethan, how do you feel about being trapped?

Bethan said: Quite sad, but I feel good that I almost got out.

Adam said: I'm free


  • Ben is the only person who remained undetected throughout Toxic Treats, the other Toxic Treats Saboteurs got detected, Ben later gets trapped on Floor 3.
  • Libby is the only saboteur who gets bitten by the snake.
  • Rhys is the only Unfortunate trapped in Toxic Treats to not be the Saboteur.
  • On Snake Attack, Libby let her team pass on the purpose because she didn't want to get bitten by the snake.
  • On Floor 2, Bethan was asked to spell the word 'saboteur'. Given the test is about remembering their time in the tower (including events in the episode, set pieces and locations) a spelling question would seem somewhat random and irrelevant. Jamiel is asked a similar question in the next episode.