• That one with his head on backwards is Jack (boy)
  • Renee (girl) she's a champion bodybuilder
  • Tim (boy) he was born a mangel
  • Isobel (girl) is allergic to chairs
  • Oaiss (boy) he lives in a house under the sea
  • Sam (girl) goes to school on a rollercoaster

Floor 6: Black Widow

Challenge Character = Nobody

No. of black widow eggs sucked up : 4

All white spider eggs sucked up at end : No

Challenge failed


Jack: Oaiss, because when everyone was turned, I looked and I saw him going over to where all the spiders were.

Renee: Jack, because I saw a spider in his tube.

Tim: Oaiss, because I saw him suck up a spider and there was a spider in his tube.

Isobel: Oaiss, because I turned round

Oaiss: Jack, because I saw a few spiders in his tube.

Sam: Jack, because I saw him sucking up some spiders and there was two spiders in his tube.

Jack = 3 votes and Oaiss = 3 votes

The Vote is a Tie!, Oaiss and Jack have the most votes.

Jack has drawn the shot straw, The saboteur was Jack

The saboteur succeeded, but the draw straws have spoken

The Voice said "Jack, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Jack said "They didn't want to get out on the first go and they kept watch of everyone."

Floor 5: Feed Me Lies

Challenge Characters = Phyllis and Madge

Statement 1 :

Picked by Renee

Phyllis : Some insects have 7 legs.

It's a LIE. Statement seed fed to Madge (LIES)

Statement 2 :

Picked by Tim

Phyllis : Elephants can jump up to one metre high.

It's a LIE. Statement seed fed to Madge (LIES)

Statement 3 :

Picked by Isobel

Phyllis : You can't burp in space.

It's the TRUTH. Statement seed fed to Phyllis (TRUTH)

Right Guesses : 3/3

Wrong Guesses : 0/3

Challenge passed


Tim: Sam, because she kept quiet when we chose one.

Isobel: Samantha, because She wasn't really getting very involved

Oaiss: Isobel, because I was a bit suspicious because she seemed like different answers to us like.

Sam: Isobel, because some of the questions she would have known, because she is quite clever.

Renee: Isobel as well because, at times, she wasn't really thinking properly.

Isobel = 3 votes and Sam = 2 votes

Isobel got the most votes. The saboteur was Isobel

The Challenge Passed and The Saboteur Spotted!

The Voice said "Isobel, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Isobel said "Because I kept on disagreeing with the answers.!"   

Floor 4: Snake Attack

Challenge Character : The Child Eating Python

Unfortunate putting the hand in the holes : Tim

1st go : The snake is in the top. The team picked top

2nd go : The snake is in the middle. The team picked top

3rd go : The snake is in the middle again. The team picked bottom

4th go: The snake is in the bottom, The team picked top

Right Guesses : 3/3

Wrong Guesses : 1/3

Challenge passed


Oaiss: Sam, because she was always giving a different pattern to what I was thinking.

Sam: Renee, because she wasn't really putting in any discussion in our decisions. She was just like murmuring yes, no, to anything we said.

Renee: Tim, because I didn't hear him saying much.

Tim: Oaiss, because he always had different answers to everyone.

Renee = 1 vote, Tim = 1 vote, Oaiss = 1 vote, Sam = 1 vote

The vote is a tie. Everyone has received 1 vote. They hopefully don’t trust each other. The real saboteur was Oaiss.

The team passed but they can’t decide who was the saboteur.

The Voice said "Oaiss, how do you feel about being trapped?"

Oaiss said "I feel really scared because there's a snake right behind me. I think I might get bitten, so I want to get out of here."

Floor 3: Wicked Wardrobes

Challenge Characters : Nobody (except a gramophone playing "Sh-Boom (Life is But a Dream)" by The Crew Cuts)

No. of saboteur alerts : 5

No. of Lights Switched Off at the End = 8/8

All lights switched on at end : Yes

Challenge passed

Votes :

Renee: Tim because when I was in the wardrobe, I sort of heard the footsteps that sounded like his.

Tim: Sam, because the lights were always on really near her door.

Sam: Tim, because all the lights were kind of like near me and Renee. None of them were near his and they were an unreachable point from his door.

Tim = 2 votes, Sam = 1 vote

Tim Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Tim.

The Challenge Passed and the Saboteur Spotted.

The Voice said "Tim, why do you think you failed as the saboteur?"

Tim said "I think I failed because all the lights were near Sam and Renee and I bet they thought I was trying to trick one of them."

Floor 2: One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker said "I'm so excited, I could bungee a badger, They quite like it!"

What were the names of the two plants in Feed Me Lies?

Phyllis and Madge (Renee said nothing at all by saying Madge very slowly and couldn't remember Phyllis)

What colour were the spiders' eggs in Black Widow?

White (Sam said the correct answer)

Who was the saboteur in Snake Attack?

Oaiss (Renee said the correct answer)

In Feed Me Lies, how many statements were read out in total?

3 (Sam said the correct answer)

Which two unfortunates had to draw straws at the end of Black Widow?

Jack and Oaiss (Renee said the correct answer)

In Wicked Wardrobes, how many floor lights were in the room?

8 (Sam said 9) 

In Snake Attack, what number was on the wall of the room?

4 (Renee said the correct answer)

How many windows are there on floor six?

1 (Sam said 2)

How many votes as saboteur did Renee get in Snake Attack?

1 (Renee said the correct answer)

In Black Widow, how many dials were on the giant vacuum?

6 (Sam didn't have time to say the answer)

Questions Given : 9

Renee answered 4 questions correctly

Sam answered 2 questions correctly

Renee won her freedom and Sam is trapped

The voice asked: Sam, how do you feel about being trapped?

Sam said: I feel OK, but I'm a bit upset because I got trapped on the last floor, but I suppose I did really well go get here.

Renee waved