Trapped Series 1 Episode 5

Trapped Series 1 Episode 5

episode 5 series 1


  • Jon (boy) uses onions to brush his teeth
  • Sophie (girl) she once had a sausage dog but she ate it with chips and beans
  • Saif (boy) used to be an old man, but he's now aged 11
  • Alice (girl) keeps a monkey under her bed
  • Jack (boy) he wears false teeth made out of ham
  • Lizzie (girl) she grows mushrooms between her ears

Floor 6: Black WidowEdit

Challenge Character = Nobody

No. of black widow eggs sucked up : 4

All white spider eggs sucked up at end : No

Challenge failed


Saif: Jack, I saw him sucking a spider

Alice: Jonathan, I saw him looking around for spiders

Jack: Sophie, she looked suspicous all the time

Lizzie: Jonathan, I saw him go for a spider egg and picked up a spider

Jon: Jack, I saw a spider go up his tube

Sophie: Jack, I saw him suck up some spiders

Jack: 3 votes, Jon: 2 votes and Sophie: 1 vote

Jack has the most votes. The saboteur was Alice

The saboteur succeeded and didn't get a single vote.

The Voice said "Jack, how do you feel about being trapped?"

Jack said "I feel really upset because I took my time and getting spider eggs and I know for a fact I didn't get any spiders and it's just the way it goes"

Floor 5: Feed Me Lies

Challenge Characters = Phyllis and Madge

Statement 1 :

Picked by Jon

Phyllis : Grasshoppers hear through their knees

It's the TRUTH. Statement seed fed to Madge (LIES)

Statement 2 :

Picked by Sophie

Phyllis : Skunks can shoot their gas smelling spray only about two metres, But You can smell it 2 and a half miles away

It's the TRUTH. Statement seed fed to Madge (LIES)

Statement 3 :

Picked by Saif

Phyllis : Slugs have two noses

It's a LIE. Statement seed fed to Phyllis (TRUTH)

Right Guesses : 0/3

Wrong Guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed

Votes :

Jon: Lizzie, she was involved with all the wrong ones

Sophie: Saif, he was looking around everywhere and fidgeting a bit

Saif: Lizzie, she didn't confirm what was in our discussions

Alice: Lizzie, whenever me, Jon, Sophie and Saif said something, she said the opposite

Lizzie: Alice, she said something straight after someone said something else

Lizzie: 3  votes, Saif: 1 vote and Alice: 1 vote

Lizzie got the most votes. The saboteur was Sophie

The saboteur succeeded and didn't get a single vote.

The Voice said "Lizzie, How do you feel about being trapped?"

Lizzie said "I don't mind because the plants are giving me company!"

Floor 4: Snake Attack

Challenge Character : The Child Eating Python

Unfortunate putting the hand in the holes : Jon

1st go : The snake is in the middle. The team picked top

2nd go : The snake is in the bottom. The team picked bottom

3rd go : The snake is in the bottom again. The team picked bottom again

4th go: The snake is in the top, The team picked middle

5th go: The snake is in the middle again, The team picked bottom

Right Guesses : 3/3

Wrong Guesses : 2/3

Challenge passed

Votes :

Jon: Saif, when Alice said something, Saif said the other

Sophie : Saif, he'd say something straight away and if we disagreed he tried to make you think it was the one he said

Saif : Sophie, she was acting suspicious

Alice : Saif, he kept trying to change people's opinion. And he was more confused than normal.

Saif : 3 votes, Sophie : 1 vote

Saif got the most votes. The saboteur was Saif

The challenge passed and the saboteur spotted

The Voice said "Saif, why do think you failed as the saboteur?"

Saif said "It was difficult to persuade the others and I got caught"

Floor 3: Wicked Wardrobes

Challenge Characters : Nobody (except a gramophone playing "Sh-Boom (Life is But a Dream)" by The Crew Cuts)

No. of saboteur alerts : 6

No. of Lights Switched Off at the End = 6/8

All lights switched on at end : No

Challenge failed


Alice: Jonathan, I wanted to turn them on quickly, but he stayed in his wardrobe

Jon: Alice, every time, she was out before me and Sophie

Sophie: Alice, all the lights by her were on, as if it to say, "It's not me."

Alice : 2 votes, Jon : 1 vote

Alice got the most votes. The real saboteur was Alice

Although the saboteur ruined the game she got spotted

The Voice said "Alice, Why do you think the others voted for you?"

Alice said "Because on one of the turns I didn't actually go back in my wardrobe and I was out by the time Sophie and Jonathan came out so I think they saw me!"

Floor 2: One Way out and There Can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker said "I'm so excited, I could kiss a canary"

Who was the saboteur on the challenge played on the 5th floor?

Sophie (Jon said the correct answer)

How many seconds was Wicked Wardrobes played for?

90 (Sophie said the correct answer)

In Feed Me Lies, How many statements read out are lies?

Once (Jon said all of them)

In Wicked Wardrobes, How many lights were off at the beginning of the game?

All of them (Sophie said the correct answer)

Black Widow trapped which unfortunate?

Jack (Jon said the correct answer)

In Feed Me Lies, How many sacks of seeds were open?

2 (Sophie said the correct answer)

How many lights were on at the end of Wicked Wardrobes?

6 (Jon said the correct answer)

Who was the Saboteur in Black Widow?

Alice (Sophie said the correct answer)

Who was trapped on Floor 5?

Lizzie (Jon said the correct answer)

Who recieved the most votes as saboteur in Snake Attack?

Saif (Sophie said the correct answer)

Questions Given : 10

Jon answered 4 questions correctly

Sophie answered 5 questions correctly

Sophie won her freedom and Jon is trapped

The voice asked: Jon, how do you feel about being trapped?

Jon said: Er...I'm on my own, but I don't care.

Sophie said: Bye!


Saif is the only saboteur in Snake Attack to both fail to sabotage the challenge and get detected.

  • Sophie is the only unfortunate to make the team fail and remain undetected throughout Feed Me Lies, The other saboteurs in Feed Me Lies failed to sabotage the challenge, George from Series 1, Episode 1 (Poplar) was undetected when the team passed but as for Isobel from Series 1, Episode 8 (Manchester) and Emily from Series 1, Episode 11 (Liverpool) they failed to sabotage and were detected.
  • Another batch of unfortunates from Birmingham appear in Series 2, Episode 9 (Birmingham)
  • During Wicked Wardrobes on Floor 3, during the fifth Saboteur Alert, Alice (the saboteur) ran out of time to go back into her wardrobe before Sophie and Jon spotted her. She managed to sabotage the challenge but she was detected. Alice then says it was probably the reason why Sophie and Jon voted for her.
  • When the Voice is telling Sophie how to sabotage the challenge 'Feed Me Lies', the Voice incorrectly calls the bad plant Marge instead of Madge.