Derryn Trapped

Derryn Trapped

Note: The Caretaker said that Ipswich is the land of dragons and bogs and now six less wretches (unfortunates).


  • Ben (boy) who wants go into space so he can spit on the moon.

  • Dionne (girl) she reads everything upside down.

  • Derryn (boy) who collects plug holes.

  • Cloda (girl) who invented sneezing.

  • Adam (boy) he's related to the abominable snowman.

  • Jodie (girl) her middle name is {eek-eek}.

Floor 6: Goblet of Ice

Challenge Character = None

No. of Times Slipped = 4 (Jodie slipped off the ice once and then Dionne slipped off the ice three times)

Goblet Full at The End = No

Challenge Failed.


Ben = Derryn, cos he said we weren't touching the floor when the goblet tipped.

Dionne = Jodie, she kept putting her foot on the floor and it didn't seem by accident.

Derryn = Jodie, because when she passed me the snow, she had her bowl really high up and it kept blowing everywhere.

Cloda = Dionne, because Dionne touched the floor twice.

Adam = Derryn, cos it kept tipping out of his bowl.

Jodie = Dionne, because she kept stepping on the floor.

Dionne: 2 Votes      Derryn: 2 Votes     Jodie: 2 Votes

The Vote Is a Tie. Dionne, Derryn and Jodie Have Got the Most Votes.

Derryn has drawn the short straw. The Real Saboteur Was Dionne.

The saboteur succeeded and she was safe from the draw straws.

The Voice asked "Derryn, Why do you think the others voted for you?

Derryn's Last Words: Cos I'm little, so when I poured the snow into the goblet, I kept spilling most of the snow, I really feel upset because that wasn't really me, it was Dionne. But if I look on the bright side, it was really cool being here and very, very cold!

Floor 5: Deadly Medley

Challenge Character = Boris the Organist

Words Boris Does Not Like = Words With the Letter 'D' In Them

Unfortunate helping Boris with the Letters = Ben

1st Go: Plays D-A-D (A Bad Word With A 'D' at the Start and the 3rd Letter)

2nd Go: Plays B-A-D (A Bad Word With A 'D' At the end)

3rd Go: Plays B-E-D (A Bad Word With a 'D' At the end)

Right Guesses: (0/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed


Dionne = Cloda because she didn't try to join in and didn't have no suggestions.

Cloda = Adam because he didn't really join in that much.

Adam = Dionne because she weren't bringing up much words.

Jodie = Dionne because she didn't come up with that much words.

Ben = Jodie because she always kept on saying words that I thought must have been bad words.

Dionne: 2 Votes     Cloda: 1 Vote      Adam: 1 Vote      Jodie: 1 Vote

Dionne Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Cloda.

The Saboteur Succeeded And Kept Her Identity Secret.

The Voice asked "Dionne, How do you feel about being trapped?"

Dionne's Last Words: I don't really care really. I just had fun anyway.

Floor 4: Exploding Toad in the Hole

Challenge Character = The Exploding Toads

Bog Holes Containing Toads = Holes With Signs With Purple Anywhere

1st Go:A Hole With A Sign Reading WARNING! In Purple Letters But With Green Highlighting Around the Ends - Picked by Ben (An Exploding Toad)

2nd Go: A Hole With A Sign Reading TOADS! In Green Letters - Picked by Cloda (Contains A Bit of Lunch, Not An Exploding Toad)

3rd Go: A Hole With A Sign Reading STAY AWAY! In Black Letters But With Purple Underlining - Picked by Jodie (An Exploding Toad)

4th Go: A Hole With A Sign Reading KEEP OUT! In Purple Highlighting - picked by Adam (An Exploding Toad)

Right Guesses: (1/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed


Adam = Ben cos he wouldn't do 'em.

Jodie = Ben cos he wouldn't put his hand in them.

Ben = Adam cos most of the ones he shouted out were wrong.

Cloda = Adam because he was the one telling Ben which ones to go to.

Ben: 2 Votes, Adam: 2 Votes

The Vote Is A Tie. Ben and Adam Got the Most Votes.

Ben Has Drawn the Short Straw. The Real Saboteur Was Adam.

The Saboteur Succeeded And He was Safe from The Draw Straws.

The Voice asked "Ben, How do you feel about being trapped?"

Ben's Last Words: At least I think I'll probably be able to live for two days as I've got a pear and some ginger to live on.

Floor 3: Wicked Wardrobes

Challenge Character = Nobody (except a gramophone playing "Sh-Boom (Life is But a Dream)" by The Crew Cuts)

No. of Saboteur Alerts = 4

No. of Lights Switched Off at the End = 6/8

All lights switched on at the end : No

Challenge Failed


Jodie = Cloda cos she had a light switch right next to her.

Cloda = Jodie because most of the lights were turned off by her and she had to run across the room to turn off the lights near mine.

Adam = Jodie cos there were loads of lights near her and she didn't turn them on.

Jodie: 2 Votes, Cloda: 1 Vote

Jodie Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Jodie.

Although the Saboteur Ruined the Challenge, She got Spotted.

The Voice asked "Jodie, How Do You Feel about being Trapped?"

Jodie's Last Words: 'I don't really mind!'

Floor 2: One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker Said = 'I'm So Excited, A Little Bit of Wee Came Out.'

Who was the saboteur in Exploding Toad-in-the-Hole?

Adam (Cloda said the correct answer)

What was the name of the hooded figure in Deadly Medley?

Boris (Adam said nothing at all)

Which three had to draw straws at the end of Goblet of Ice?

Dionne, Derryn and Jodie (Cloda said Dionne, Jodie and Ben)

What was the name of the challenge which involved turning on lights?

Wicked Wardrobes (Adam said nothing at all)

Exploding Toad-in-the-Hole trapped which Unfortunate?

Ben (Cloda said Jodie)

How many bad words were played in Deadly Medley?

3 (Adam said the correct answer)

Who received the most votes as saboteur in Deadly Medley?

Dionne (Cloda said the correct answer)

On Floor Six, who was the first Unfortunate to empty a cup of snow into the Goblet of Ice?

Derryn (Adam said 'Me')


Questions Given : 8

Cloda Answered 2 Questions Correctly

Adam Answered 1 Question Correctly

Cloda Won Her Freedom And Adam Is Trapped

The voice asked: Adam, how do you feel about being trapped?

Adam said: Um.....O.K becuase I wasn't excepting to get this far

Cloda said: I made it, I made it!


  • The Caretaker said that Ipswich is the land of dragons and bogs and now six less wretches (unfortunates).
  • This is the first and only episode where 3 people did draw straws which was on floor 6.
  • The invented sneezing joke was used again in Series 2, Episode 9 (Birmingham) for Elvira
  • Antoher batch of unfortunates from Ipswich had appeared in Trapped! Ever After: Series 4, Episode 12 (Ipswich).
  • On floor 6 Cloda voted for Dionne and said she fell off the ice twice, when actually Dionne fell off the ice three times.
  • The Voice made a mistake in the Fight for Freedom. She accidentally said they had ninety seconds when they really had sixty seconds.
  • Cloda is the only unfortunate not to do draw straws in this episode.
  • First appearances of Goblet of Ice, Deadly Medley and Exploding Toad in The Hole
  • This is one of three episodes where the Draw Straws are performed on more than one floor. The other episodes are Series 2 Episode 7 and Series 4 Episode 3.