• Fabien (boy), he smells of drains
  • Puja (girl), lives in a garden shed
  • Alessio (boy), who has really hairy toes
  • Joanna (girl), she eats on the floor
  • Wolfgang (boy), used to be a pair of wellies
  • Zahrah (girl), her favourite hobby is swimming with wet frogs

Floor 6: Wall of SorrowEdit

Challenge Character = None

No. of Blackouts = 2

Wall Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed.


Fabien = Joanna because she was always near the wall when it got broken down.

Puja = Wolfgang because He was always next to the wall and he put the bricks in different places.

Alessio = Wolfgang because he was on the opposite side to all of us.

Joanna = Zahrah because she kept making mistakes on purpose.

Wolfgang = Puja because at the end, she fumbled, and knocked over the wall on the lefthand side.

Zahrah = Wolfgang because he was always next to the wall when it crashed down.

Wolfgang = 3 Votes     Zahrah = 1 Vote     Joanna = 1 Vote     Puja = 1 Vote

Wolfgang Got the Most Votes. The Real saboteur Was Zahrah.

The Saboteur Succeeded And Kept Her Identity Secret.

The Voice Said, 'Wolfgang, why do you think the others voted for you?'

Wolfgang Said = I was always very close to the wall when it got knocked down.

The Voice Said, "How do you feel about being trapped?"

Wolfgang's Last Words "I'm pretty upset because it wasn't me."

Floor 5: Freaky Factory

Challenge Character = None

No. of Egg Boxes Complete = 3/5

5 Egg Boxes Complete = No

Challenge Failed.


Puja = Joanna because I kept on hearing banging and screaming.

Alessio = Joanna because no egg cups were coming to me.

Joanna = Alessio because I heard a lot of crashing.

Zahrah = Joanna because I actually saw her face.

Fabien = Joanna because on the conveyor belt, I could see squirts where it had been and it looked like it was from Joanna.

Joanna = 4 Votes     Alessio = 1 Vote

Joanna Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Joanna.

Although The Saboteur Ruined The Game, She Got Spotted!

The Voice Said, 'Joanna, why do you think the others voted for you?'

Joanna Said = 'Erm, because I was quite obvious. It was a hard challenge and I knew I probably wouldn't succeed.'

Floor 4: Witch's Brew

Challenge Character = Ethel the Witch

1st Go = Ethel Needs Snow Peas

Snow Peas are in Jar 1. The Team Picked Jar 1.

2nd Go = Ethel Needs Goji Berries

Goji Berries are in Jar 2. The Team Picked Jar 9.

3rd Go = Ethel Needs Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts Are In Jar 8. The Team Picked Jar 4.

Right Guesses: (1/2)     Wrong Guesses: (2/2)

Challenge Failed.


Alessio = Puja Because she was like, ahead of us all and I think she was trying to make us have the wrong bottle.

Zahrah = Fabien Because when we picked those things, they were right and he said not to pick them.

Fabien = Puja Because she kept misleading us.

Puja = Fabien Because he kept on going to the next drawer. And when we were on the first drawer he kept on flipping to the next one.

Fabien = 2 Votes     Puja = 2 Votes

The Vote Is a Tie. Fabien And Puja Have the Most Votes.

Fabien Has Drawn the Short Straw. The Real Saboteur Was Fabien.

The Saboteur Succeeded But the Draw Straws Have Spoken.

The Voice Said, 'Fabien, How Do You Feel about Being Trapped?'

Fabien Said = 'Obviously I'm sad, but Alessio's gonna carry on and I hope he wins it, so, yeah.'

Floor 3: Sleep Creepers

Challenge Character = Nobody

No. of Saboteur Alerts = 3

No. of Alarms Switched Off At the End = 8/8

Challenge Passed.


Puja = Alessio Because I could hear someone jumping and all of the lights are near his bed.

Alessio = Puja Because  when my face was on the mattress I heard someone get out of her bed.

Zahrah = Puja Because Puja smiled at me like this...kinda smiled at me and then I didn't hear the thump from next to me, I heard it far away.

Puja = 2 Votes     Alessio = 1 Vote

Puja Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Puja.

The Challenge Passed and The Saboteur Spotted!

The Voice said "Puja, why do you think the others voted for you?"

Puja said "I think it's cos I was a bit noisy."

The Voice Said, 'How Do You Feel About Being Trapped?

Puja's Last Words = It's disappointing because I've got this far, but I think I'll get over it.

Floor 2: One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker said "Oh! I'm so excited, I could kiss a canary."

What was the name of the challenge on the sixth floor?

Wall of Sorrow (Alessio said 'Pass')

How many completed egg boxes were needed to pass Freaky Factory?

5 (Zahrah said the correct answer)

How many ingredients were there in the witches' brew recipe?

3 (Alessio said the correct answer)

There were statues of two different animals on the sixth floor. what were they?

Dog and bird. (Zahrah said Snakes and Dragons)

Who was the Saboteur in Wall Of Sorrow?

Zahrah (Alessio said Wolfgang)

In Sleep Creepers, which Unfortunate used the middle bed?

Alessio (Zahrah said the correct answer)

How many bricks made up the Wall Of Sorrow?

80 (Alessio said 20)

How many times did the lights go out on Wall Of Sorrow?

Twice (Zahrah said the correct answer)


Questions Given = 8

Alessio answered 1 question correctly

Zahrah answered 3 questions correctly

Zahrah has won her freedom and Alessio is trapped!

The voice asked: Alessio, how do you feel about being trapped?

Alessio said: I'm OK because you gave me harder questions so... I'm OK


  • The Voice asked Wolfgang and Puja two questions which were "Why did you think the others voted for you?" and "How do you feel about being trapped?" unlike everyone else. This also happened to Jaimee and Florence in Series 1, Episode 7 (Brighton) and Aaron in Series 2, Episode 13 (Wakefield).
  • This is the first episode in which the Saboteur was trapped by the draw straws.
  • During Sleep Creepers, Zahrah accidentally turned on an alarm clock.
  • First appearances of Wall of Sorrow, Witches Brew and Sleep Creepers.
  • Puja is the only saboteur in Sleep Creepers who wasn't the saboteur on Floor 6.
  • Zahrah is the first female unfortunate to have escaped the tower.
  • In the "Jumping down the trap door" sequence, Alessio never jumped down the trapdoor, instead he sat on the edge with his legs dangling out (although it could have been his way of carefully lowering himself down to the next floor instead of leaping or stepping down like the others.)
  • Puja is the first ever saboteur to get detected after failing to sabotage the challenge.