Note: In this episode, The Caretaker said it was from "East London".


  • Mitchell (Boy) he sleeps standing on his head in a bucket of cold sick.
  • Shpresa (Girl) her prized possession is a packet of walnuts.
  • Bradley (Boy) once tripped over a daisy.
  • Shamara (Girl), earwax candle maker.
  • Marie (Girl), hula-hoop champion 1926.
  • Samadul (Boy), he keeps an alien in his back pocket.

Floor 6: Toxic Treats

Challenge Character = None

Toxic Presents = Presents With the Colour Purple On Them

1st Go = A Rectangular Purple Present with a White Ribbon (A Toxic Present).

2nd Go = A Round Green With White Polkadots Present (Not a Toxic Present).

3rd Go = A Square Purple Present With a Green Ribbon With A Label Written Wicked (A Toxic Present).

4th Go = A Square Green Present With a White Ribbon (Not a Toxic Present).

5th Go = A Square, White Present With Purple Squares (A Toxic Present).

Right Guesess: (2/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed.


Mitchell = Bradley, because Bradley was always picking the ones that I thought were very wrong.

Shpresa = Marie, because she picked the last one which was wrong and she was really quite determined to pick it.

Bradley = Samadul, because he wasn't cheering that much when we got good presents.

Shamara = Marie, because we said don't pick Ugly, but she just said "No, no, I want to pick this one".

Marie = Bradley, because he kept on picking a few bad ones.

Samadul = Marie, because she kept choosing her own stuff.

Marie = 3 Votes     Bradley = 2 Votes     Samadul = 1 Vote

Marie Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Marie.

Although the Saboteur Ruined the Game She Was Spotted.

The Voice Said, 'Marie, How do You Feel About Being Trapped?'

Marie Said = 'It's a bit horrible because this room is quite hot and it's a bit boring because there's nothing really to do, but all you can do is pick up presents.'

Floor 5: Freaky Factory

Challenge Character = None

No. of Egg Boxes Complete = 4/5

5 Egg Boxes Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed.


Bradley = Shpresa, because I saw her eggs go down on the floor

Shamara = Bradley, cos when I went back to get some of my eggs, he had loads of eggs, like he was taking his time.

Samadul = Shamara, because I kept hearing her say oh, no and I think she was exaggerating.

Mitchell = Shpresa, because I saw her throwing eggs at the ground and boxes.

Shpresa = Bradley cos he kept on throwing eggs in front of mine, so everybody would think it was me.

Shpresa = 2 Votes     Bradley = 2 Votes     Shamara = 1 Vote

The Vote Is a Tie. Shpresa and Bradley Have Got the Most Votes.

Shpresa Has Drawn the Short Straw. The Real Saboteur Was Bradley.

The Saboteur Succeeded And He Was Safe From The Draw Straws.

The Voice Said, 'Shpresa, Why do you Think the Others Voted For You?'

Shpresa Said = 'Well, I think the others voted for me, because Bradley threw the eggs onto my factory bit. So everybody thought "Wow, Shpresa's got the most eggs smashed, it's her".'

Floor 4: Snake Attack

Challenge Character = The Child-Eating Python

Unfortunate Putting Their Hands Into the Hole = Shamara

1st Go = The Snake Is In the Top. The Team Picked Top.

2nd Go = The Snake Is In the Middle. The Team Picked Bottom.

3rd Go = The Snake Is in the Bottom. The Team Picked Bottom, Again.

4th Go = The Snake Is In the Middle. The Team Picked Middle.

Right Guesses: (1/3)     Wrong Guesses: (3/3)

Challenge Failed.


Samadul = Bradley, because he was first to say which one to choose and I think it was Bradley.

Mitchell = Bradley, because on one he said let's do the middle one straight away and there was a snake in there.

Bradley = Mitchell, because on the second one he said probably do the top or the middle and that sounded a bit mysterious.

Shamara = Bradley, because he was telling me to put my hand in the places and all the time it was mainly the snake.

Bradley = 3 Votes     Mitchell = 1 Vote

Bradley Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Mitchell.

The Saboteur Succeeded and Kept His Identity Secret.

The Voice Said, 'Bradley, Why Do You Think the Others Voted For You?'

Bradley Said = 'Maybe it was because I kept telling Shamara what one it should be. I was the only one that was really doing it, but they joined in after. Samadul and Mitchell joined in after me.'

Floor 3: Poisoned Banquet

Challenge Character = None

1st Go =The Blue Cake is Poisoned. The Team Picked the Red Cake.

2nd Go = The Purple Cake Is Poisoned. The Team Picked the Yellow Cake.

3rd Go = The Pink Cake is Poisoned. The Team Picked the Brown Cake.

Right Guesses: (3/3)     Wrong Guesses: (0/3)

Challenge Passed.


Samadul = Mitchell, because he never took part in most of the challenges that we had to do.

Mitchell = Samadul, because he was the one that was suggesting the wrong ones when me and Shamara suggested the right ones.

Shamara = Samadul, because me and Mitchell kept going for the right cakes and he kept saying "No, I think it was that one". So me and Mitchell went for the right ones.

Samadul = 2 Votes     Mitchell = 1 Vote

Samadul Got the Most Votes. The Real Saboteur Was Samadul.

The Team Passed and The Saboteur Got Spotted.

The Voice Said, 'Samadul, Why Do You Think You Failed As The Saboteur?'

Samadul Said = 'Well, I think Shamara and Mitchell suspected they were choosing the right ones and I wasn't.'

Floor 2: One Way Out and There Can Only Be One Winner

The Caretaker Said, 'I'm So Excited, I Could sn-sn-sn-sn...(he farts), Told you!'

In Snake Attack, how many times did Shamara get bitten?

3 (Mitchell said the correct answer)

Who is trapped on the sixth floor?

Marie (Shamara said Samadul)

In Freaky Factory, what colour was the first egg box on the conveyor belt?

Purple (Mitchell said Green)

In Poison Banquet how many candlesticks were there on the table?

2 (Shamara said 5)

Poison Banquet trapped which Unfortunate?

Samadul (Mitchell said the correct answer)

Which two unfortunates had to draw straws at the end of Freaky Factory?

Shpresa and Bradley (Shamara said the correct answer)

In Toxic Treats, how many presents had Maybe written on the label?

1 (Mitchell said 2)

In Toxic Treats, how many votes of Saboteur did Shamara get?

None (Shamara said the correct answer)

In Freaky Factory, how many eggs did each egg box hold?

6 (Mitchell said the correct answer)


Questions Given = 9

Mitchell answered 3 questions correctly

Shamara answered 2 questions correctly

Mitchell won his freedom and Shamara is trapped!

The voice asked: Shamara, how do you feel about being trapped?

Shamara said: I feel quite upset and annoyed that I didn't win but most of the questions were hard for me.

Mitchell said: Can't get me now. I'm free!!


  • On Floor 4, Bradley was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Mitchell, and everyone else voted for Bradley!
  • This is the only episode whereas in Floor 3, No One got poisoned in Poisoned Banquet
  • Marie is the only female unfortunate to be trapped in Toxic Treats.
  • Final appearances of both Toxic Treats and Poison Banquet.