"Oh, that pesky Millicent! Stop playing with them lights!" (aggressively stomps on the floor) - The Caretaker angrily telling off Millicent after she starts messing with the lighting in his room.

Millicent and the Moths, is a timed saboteur alert challenge on Floor 3 that only appears in Series 4 (Ever After).

Caretaker's explanation to the game:

Millicent was cruel, she did wicked things.
Like capturing moths to pull off their wings
Millicent would switch on the lights
to attract the poor little moths.
Unfortunates must put a stop to it, turn them all off.
and hide in their clothing boxes.
But listen out, if lights are a-buzzing,
it means someone is up to no good.

Layout: The room is very plain in design, there is only grey walls that are obscured in the darkness and a trap door in the centre of the room. Above the heads of the unfortunates are many light bulbs and corresponding switches which can be used to turn the lights on and off as well as a swarm of moths fluttering above in the sky. There are also three clothing boxes for each one of the three final unfortunates to hide into once the lights are off, the clothing boxes themselves look to be worn out, presumably due to being either old or having been used so often in the past.

Challenge Character: Millicent herself might be arguably one of the more sadistic characters on the show, given she is seen in the challenge introduction casually plucking off the wings of one of the moths (all while smiling and blinking sweetly to the camera and generally keeping up this façade the whole time) showing signs of no remorse while mutilating the insect. Given she willingly will assist the saboteur (due to the mutual desire to keep even one light on) she is also not above cheating in the challenge. Millicent is played by actress Leisha Wickham.

Gameplay: In this challenge, unfortunates will have to work together to ensure every light in the room is switched off before the time expires. Each time the lights are all turned off, they must retreat back inside the clothing boxes. Naturally, with a saboteur about, this challenge is made more tricky with them being tasked to sneak out and turn on as many lights as they can in five seconds (before they start buzzing), however, Millicent will also come out from behind and start helping the saboteur in turning on all of the lights she possibly can, when five seconds have passed, the everyone comes out and Millicent runs away and they must turn off the lights again. This process repeats itself till the time runs out. The voice will attempt to guide the saboteur by reminding them when to get in and out of the box and give tips on how they can frame somebody else.


  • This challenge is the Ever After counterpart of the series 1 challenge Wicked Wardrobes (only instead the lights must be on and their is no outside assistance given to the saboteur)
  • Before the Caretaker explains this challenge, the lights in his room begin to flicker back and forth causing lighting issues. This might explain why challenges on Floor 6 such as Body Shock, Mutternots Tales and Botherer Blocks all have random blackouts occurring (With the possible exception of Wall of Sorrow, as in Series 1 the Voice explicitly mentions that she will be the one to turn off all the lights in the room)
  • This is also one of the only challenges in which all of the saboteurs have been trapped. Others include Camp Fear and Horror Heads.
  • Fern is the only female unfortunate to be trapped in Millicent and the Moths.

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