Keane (S4EP10)

 Keane Edit

Keane was a boy from Weston-super-mare and an Unfortunate on Series 4, Episode 10 (Weston-super-mare) in Trapped! Ever After. The Caretaker says that Keane isn't made of money.

 Series 4, Episode 10 (Weston-super-mare) Edit

Keane appeared on Series 4, Episode 10 (Weston-super-mare) in the fourth and final season, Trapped! Ever After.

 Keane's Journey Through The Tower Edit

On Floor 6 "Mutternot's Tales", Keane received no votes as the Saboteur and voted for Ruby because "She knocked one of the books over". Josh also voted for Ruby, while Joshua voted for Molly and the other Unfortunates (Amy, Ruby, Molly) voted for Joshua. The real Saboteur was Molly. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Joshua) was trapped.

On Floor 5 "Poisoned Hollows", Keane was chosen to be the Saboteur, and had to make the team fail by destroying the circle of apples when the other Unfortunates were hiding. He received one vote as Saboteur from Molly because "He kept trying to frame me by putting the apples next to my tree" while Keane voted for Molly because "She had an apple in her tree". Josh also voted for Molly, Amy voted for Josh and Ruby voted for Amy. Keane, the real Saboteur, successfully sabotaged the challenge and kept his identity secret, allowing him to proceed through the tower while Molly ended up trapped.

On Floor 4 "Split Ends", Keane received no votes as Saboteur and voted for Josh because "At the end he said definitely green and it was wrong". Amy and Ruby also voted for Josh, while Josh voted for Ruby. The real Saboteur was Ruby. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Josh) ended up getting trapped.

On Floor 3 "Scallywag Wood", Keane received one vote as Saboteur from Amy who said "He picked the cockroach and he was definite, and it was a chicken". Keane voted for Amy because "She was disagreeing with the team on the lizard". Ruby also voted for Amy. The real Saboteur was Amy. Due to the team failing, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Amy) was trapped, while Keane and Ruby proceeded to the Fight For Freedom.

On Floor 2 "Fight For Freedom", Keane went against Ruby and won 3 points to 2 and escaped the Tower. Keane left the Tower saying "I'm free to be me!".

 Trivia Edit

  • Keane is the last male Unfortunate to escape the Tower.
  • Keane is the second Saboteur in Poisoned Hollows to escape the tower. The first was Noor from Series 4, Episode 4.