Note : In this episode, The Caretaker said it was from "Northtown"

The Unfortunates are from Northtown


1.Beckett (boy),He Jump on frog

2.Maria (Girl) She Love Toad

3.Elizabeth (Girl) She Hate Weenie

4.Andrew (Boy) He Wear A Frog Suit

5.Christopher (Boy) He Wear earring

6.Violet (girl) she Build A Uranius

Floor 6 = Botherer Blocks

Challenge Character : Baby Botherer

No. of blackouts : 6

Tower complete at end : No

Challenge failed

Voting :

Elizabeth : Violet, because Ross could hear footsteps near him

Violet : Christopher, because at the end, he wand he hardly joined in.

Beckett: Violet because when Jordan was trying to put the blocks back, she was standing by the pen

Christopher : Violet, because whenever there was a blackout, she was always near the play pen

Audrew : Christopher, because he didn’t join in the game

Maria: Christopher, because she wasn’t really joining in

Violet : 3 votes, Christopher: 4 votes

☀ The real saboteur was Beckett

Voice Said Any Last Word

(Christoper Last Word) I Glad My Big Sister Vote Me & I WIll Play The Baby