"Bring out the draw straws!"- The Caretaker upon discovering the vote is undecided

"Draw Straws" is a gameplay element in "Trapped" which occasionally occurs during an episode. It decides the trapped unfortunate in the event of tied voting.

Description Edit

After all the votes are tallied, there may be an occasion in which two or more unfortunates have received the same number of votes. In this scenario, a small black metal hexagonal box with "Trapped" written on it is opened up and the unfortunates are then forced to each pick a straw from a choice of six all of varying lengths. It is unknown how long each straw is and the unfortunates don't know the length of their choice until they pull it out. They are then placed side by side and whoever has picked the shortest straw is the unfortunate who will be left behind. The loser is announced by The Voice with "(Losing unfortunate's name) You have drawn the short straw, therefore you are the unlucky one". The procedure goes back to normal once the draw straws have concluded. Draw Straws can only happen if the challenge has failed, if a challenge is passed but the voting is tied, the saboteur is still trapped. regardless if they are part of the tied vote or not.

List of all Draw Straws and Unfortunates involved Edit

Episode Unfortunates Losing Unfortunate Challenge
Series 1 Episode 2 (Willesden) Frankie and Tia Frankie Freaky Factory
Series 1 Episode 3 (Cambridge) Fabien and Puja Fabien Witch's Brew
Series 1 Episode 4 (Ipswich) Dionne, Derryn and Jodie Derryn Goblet Of Ice
Series 1 Episode 4 (Ipswich) Ben and Adam Ben Exploding Toad In The Hole
Series 1 Episode 7 (Brighton) Sunaz and Benjamin Sunaz Witch's Brew
Series 1 Episode 8 (Manchester) Jack and Oaiss Jack Black Widow
Series 1 Episode 10 (Newcastle) Mauro and Kim Mauro Witch's Brew
Series 1 Episode 12 (Bow) Shpresa and Bradley Shpresa Freaky Factory
Series 1 Episode 13 (Burnley) Jessica and William William Exploding Toad In Hole
Series 2 Episode 1 (Wolverhampton) Olivia and Schmichel Schmichel Body Shock
Series 2 Episode 2 (Watford) Shaneece and Ryan Shaneece Poisoned Harvest
Series 2 Episode 6 (Sale) Necho and Emy Emy Snake Attack
Series 2 Episode 7 (Brighton) Ellie and Josh Josh Wall of Sorrow
Series 2 Episode 7 (Brighton) Holly and Oliver Oliver Two Faced Liar
Series 2 Episode 8 (Bath) Dylan and Hollie Dylan Goblet of Ice
Series 2 Episode 9 (Birmingham) Jonah and Elvira Elvira Green Fingers
Series 2 Episode 12 (Newcastle) Andrew and Jessica Jessica Two Faced Liar
Series 3 Episode 1 (Brixton) Jaydene and John Jaydene Beware the Crowman
Series 3 Episode 2 (Wigan) Zoe and Ellie Zoe Septic Sewers
Series 3 Episode 3 (Sutton Coldfield) Olivia and Marcel Olivia Green Fingers
Series 3 Episode 7 (Eastbourne) Harvey and Dani Harvey Septic Sewers
Series 3 Episode 8 (Paisley) Adam and Matt Matt Body Shock
Series 3 Episode 10 (Hackney) Dan and Callum Callum Spooked
Series 3 Episode 13 (Bolton) Nathan and Meganne Meganne Goblet of Ice
Series 4 Episode 3 (West Bromwich) Nicole and Connor Connor The Lost Invitations
Series 4 Episode 3 (West Bromwich) Courtney and Paige Courtney The Frozen Princess
Series 4 Episode 6 (Bootle) Harry and Fern Harry Split Ends
Series 4 Episode 7 (Pontypool) Caitlin and Cerys Caitlin Wolf and the Nut
Series 4 Episode 13 (Bolton) Joshua and Sam Sam The Lost Invitations