Please know that we can't find Series 3, Episode 2 (Wigan), If anyone finds it online, Please put it in!

S3 E2 (all I know about it) 

Zoe (girl) lost to Ellie at draw straws on floor 5

Luke (boy) saboteur on floors 6&3,trapped on floor 3

Chloe (girl) saboteur and trapped on floor 4

Jamie (boy) trapped on floor 6

Ellie (girl) saboteur and won to Zoe at draw straws on floor 5 and escaped

Corey (boy) trapped on floor 2

Floor 6: Body Shock (Failed)

Floor 5: Septic Sewers (Failed)

Floor 4: Green Fingers (Passed)

Floor 3: Sleep Creepers (Passed)

Floor 2: Ellie wins 5-2 to Corey (most probably)

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