Please know that we can't find Series 2, Episode 10 (Stockport), If anyone finds it online, Please put it in!

S2 E10 (all we know about it)

Michael (boy) got bitten by the snake in snake attack on floor 4

Kiana (girl) saboteur and trapped on floor 3

Louis (boy) saboteur and trapped on floor 5

Imogen (girl) saboteur on floor 6 and trapped on floor 2

George (boy) trapped on floor 6

Abigail (girl) saboteur and trapped on floor 4

Floor 6: Poisoned Harvest (Failed)

Floor 5: Septic Sewers (Failed)

Floor 4: Snake Attack (Passed)

Floor 3: One-Eyed Watcher (Failed)

Floor 2: Michael wins 4-3 to Imogen (most probably)

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