Beware the Crowman, is a floor 5 challenge that is only found in series 3. It is a mental challengeEdit


The layout of the room is very dark and seems to take place in a meadow. The room is also very murky. It was haystacks in the room and a window curtain on the window. In the middle is a scarecrow (Named the crowman.)
IMG 2850

A good view of what the crowman looks like

 Near him is 13 pumpkins. The colors of the pumpkins are Orange, yellow, green, purple, and white. .

== Caretaker's Description:==

Before the game:( Caretaker says quietly)  "A wrong move in this challenge, COULD BLOW IT ALL!!!"

"A murky meadow, where a Crowman guards 13 flickering pumpkins. To pass this challenge, Unfortunates must sneak past him and blow out three pumpkins. But Beware some of the pumpkins are bad and will disturb the Crowman. Blow out Three bad pumpkins and they will fail".


The five Unfortunates must decide which pumpkins to blow out. While the voice tells the Saboteur in the beginning of the game which pumpkins are bad and must trick them into blowing out the bad pumpkins. If they blow out a bad pumpkin the Crowman will scream and will try to grab the unfortunate who blew out the pumpkin. If they blow out a good pumpkin the Crowman will remain asleep. If they blow out three good pumpkins they will pass, But if they blow out three bad pumpkins they will fail.


  • This is the first mental challenge in series 3.
  • Emz is the only saboteur to sabotage the challenge and remain undetected. but was later trapped in floor 2.
  • Beware the Crowman is one of two challenges introduced in Series 3, the other is Giant Appetite.
  • Additionally, it is both the only Floor 5 challenge and the only mental challenge introduced in Series 3.
  • Despite being a male character, the Crowman is played by a woman (Helen Evans)
  • Beware the Crowman was teased in the trailer for the second series, even though it didn't appear until Series 3 (this is likely an error)
  • Beware the Crowman is the only challenge in which the entire challenge takes place in perpetual darkness throughout.